Recommendations Needed for an online Artificial Intelligence certification or degree

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  1. Xspect

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    Looking for recommendations for an online program.

    Educational Background:
    I have an MBA from Capella University, an MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). Currently, I am enrolled in the Ph.D. Leadership program at the University of the Cumberland. I have completed 48 hours in the program and only the dissertation remains to finalize my degree.

    Completed Ph.D. Courses:
    - LEAS 730: The Politics of Organizational Decision-Making
    - LEAC 731: Learning in Adulthood
    - LEAS 732: Program Planning and Assessment
    - LEAS 830: Leadership in Theory and Practice
    - LEAS 833: Higher Education in America
    - LEAS 835: The Change Process
    - LEAS 836: Current Trends and Issues in Leadership
    - LEAC 834: Leadership in Historical Context
    - DSRT 734: Inferential Statistics in Decision-making
    - DSRT 837: Professional Writing and Proposal Development
    - DSRT 850: Qualitative Research

    Educational Preferences:
    While obtaining a near-Ivy certificate or an MS from a prestigious brick-and-mortar institution is desirable, it is not a deal breaker.

    Areas of Interest:
    I am particularly keen on acquiring skills in the following areas for the benefit of my small business:
    - Programming for Business Analytics, particularly Python or R
    - Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    - Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    - Ethical and Legal Considerations in AI
    If I missed any areas

    Optional Area of Interest:
    - Machine Learning

    End goals
    Natural Language Processing skills to parse and interpret human language, making it useful in automating documentation, extracting relevant medical information from unstructured data, and even in chatbot interfaces for patient engagement.

    Machine Learning skills to assist in interpreting complex data such as medical imaging or lab results. By learning from existing datasets, these algorithms can identify abnormalities or patterns that might indicate specific medical conditions.
  2. JoshD

    JoshD Well-Known Member

    Have you looked at UT-Austin?
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  3. Dustin

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  4. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    And there's a German school, "die Falschhochschule von Johann," that teaches a Master's degree in "Künstliche Dummheit" - Artificial Stupidity. :)

    Fachhochschule - University of Applied Sciences
    Falschhochschule - Fake College
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  5. JoshD

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    Pratt is a great school too! Was fortunate to work on a consulting project with (2) folks from the FinTech program at Pratt as well as a MIDS student at the Graduate School.
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  6. datby98

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    Hi Xspect, I appreciate your diverse educational background. Just wondering if your small business is related to health care since you possess a professional doctorate in nursing, and you are looking for AI knowledge enhancement in the arena of health care.

    If so, Universidad de Alcalá offers an online master's degree:
    Other certificate programs I found:
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  7. Xspect

    Xspect Active Member

    I own a small integrated clinic -with 3 NP's and a social worker.
  8. mcjon77

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    I would second the recommendation of UT-Austin with their MS in Artificial Intelligence. UT-Austin is ranked 8th in the country for computer science and their MS in AI program (unlike their MS is CS program) is tailored for people with diverse academic backgrounds.
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  9. Seylan

    Seylan New Member

    The tuition is nearly $100k ! Insane...
  10. JoshD

    JoshD Well-Known Member

    Depends who you ask. My masters from Duke ran me about $70,000 and I’d pay $100,000 for it…I found it that influential and transformative.
  11. datby98

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  13. AsianStew

    AsianStew Moderator Staff Member

    And here are the specializations for the OMSCS at Georgia Tech, just in case you're into Interactive Intelligence instead of Machine Learning or another one of their offerings, there are minor differences in classes taken:
  14. Xspect

    Xspect Active Member

    It has been brought to my attention that enhancing the pedigree on the CV should be a factor in the ROI.
    Im interested in the

    Am I reading this wrong? The cost is only $180 /hr
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  15. AsianStew

    AsianStew Moderator Staff Member

    No, you're not reading it differently than it's written... it still is only $180 each credit hour... there are extra fees, but should be at a budget of $7K when all is said and done... And out of those specializations, Interactive Intelligence was the one I was most interested in, Machine Learning was second, readers should investigate the course contents to see if the courses are what they're looking for before deciding on the options available to select from.
  16. Xspect

    Xspect Active Member

    Im going to go for it. Im concerned I don't have any background in CS except for statistical software like R, Nvivo, SPSS, etc.
  17. AsianStew

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