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  1. John Bear

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    Twenty-something years ago, when I was consulting with Columbia Pacific University, and they had just moved into their million-dollar (1980 prices!) building, I explored the notion of getting a highway sign for CPU at their off-ramp from Highway 101. I got mired in state and then federal bureaucracy -- there was no straightforward application procedure or clear process -- and gave up.

    This came to mind when I saw a large "Touro University" sign on Interstate 80 while driving through Vallejo (Calif.) this morning, and now I wonder if there are either state or federal guidelines governing this situation? Or might there already be some dreadful schools with highway signs?

    And what is that Hebrew college in New York City doing in Vallejo, California, anyway?
  2. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    I was under the impression that the university could get permission to display the sign, but they had to pay for it. IIRC, accreditation wasn't a factor in the decision. But perhaps physical presence was, and perhaps a few offices wouldn't be sufficient. Still, San Diego County is littered with National University street signs, many pointing to small learning centers in strip malls, business parks, and the like.

    I know this didn't add much to the discussion, but I do miss home.:(
  3. BillDayson

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    Dunno. But Touro is the pride and joy of Vallejo. The city took a punch to the gut when Mare Island Naval Shipyard closed. So landing Touro is a big deal to them. Lots of local, state and federal support.

    Touro's West Coast Campus is First All Kosher Facility

    Campus Vallejo, Ca… Touro University is the first campus to have an exclusively strictly kosher foodservice operation, according to supervising rabbi Aharon Simkin. Located on Mare Island, just across the bridge from Vallejo (about a 45 minute drive from Oakland), the campus is located in a former US Navy installation that dates back to the days of President Abraham Lincoln. The kosher kitchen has both dairy and meat sections and in addition to serving its campus population, also caters to the outside community...
  4. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Well good for them. I wonder if they're Conservative, Orthodox, or Reform?
  5. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

  6. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    Watching the Padres lose doesn't remind you of home? :(
  7. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    The Padres, MIGS...why does everything Mexican seem to haunt me?:D
  8. Nosborne

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    Kosher Mexican food would be good...

    Nosborne, JD
  9. Re: Re: Recognition through highway signs

    I thought Vallejo was home to Marine World Africa USA. What could be better than that?
  10. Lowell Kinzer

    Lowell Kinzer Member

    The pertinent section (4-04 - Guide Signs) of the Caltrans Traffic Manual states:

    "2. Supplemental Destination Signing. Subject to the limitations in the directional signing discussion, supplemental destination signs may be placed for the following:

    • Post Secondary Schools with an enrollment of 1,000 or more shall be signed to. In the event that a school which had been signed to, moves to a new location for an improvement to the institution, the signing will be funded by the Department."

    According to a document on the on Caltrans Office of Accounts Receivable and Program Accounting web site, Touro University paid Caltrans $7,000 in 2001. Just what that bought them is unspecified.
  11. Nosborne

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    Like maybe gefiltefish enchiladas with a sour cream and green chile sauce...

    Nosborne, JD
    (Who is easily distracted)
  12. Guest

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    I know what you mean, Rich. I ate lunch at El Cancun today during a family trip to Paramount Carowinds in Charlotte. At 12:27 am, I am now paying the price for too much hot salsa and greasy beef. :D
  13. John Bear

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    Lowell Kinzer discovers: "Post Secondary Schools with an enrollment of 1,000 or more shall be signed to."

    Thank you for this. Nothing about recognized accreditation. Nothing about distance learning. And, significantly, nothing about "signed to from". From how far away? There's a "Los Angeles, 399 miles" sign near Oakland where 580 intersects 5. How about a "To California Coast University" sign there?

    John Bear, somehow reminded of the
    winner of the "Winston Churchill How Many
    Prepositions Can You End a Sentence With"
    contest. The winning entry ended a not-too-
    contrived sentence with eight.

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