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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Tom Head, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. Tom Head

    Tom Head New Member

    Some of you folks may already be familiar with this wonderful "Political Compass" quiz:

    On their chart, I'm in about the same spot as Jean Chretien. My scores are:

    Economic Left/Right: -2.75 (liberal)
    Authoritarian/Libertarian: -3.03 (libertarian)

  2. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Well, I did it, and my dot came out exactly in the center of the graph.
    But S.C.Bose was a fascist.
  3. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    Economic: 2.12 (Right)

    Social: -0.10 (Libertarian, but barely)

    The truly scary thing is that the closest world leader to me is Gerhard Shroeder. (Better than Jean Chretien, I guess...)

    Actually, I don't think that the test is very accurate (at least in my case). Too many of the questions couldn't really be answered in an 'agree-disagree' format. Most often I sort of agree and sort of disagree, depending on how things are defined, what importance is being attached and on what's being proposed.
  4. plcscott

    plcscott New Member

    I did it and came out right between Tony Blair, and Gerhard Shroder. I figured I would have been right of both of them. I think a liberal may have written this one don't you? :)
  5. fnhayes

    fnhayes New Member

    I ended up in the same position as Tom and Jean Chretien. I can live with being in the same league as Tom, but being in the same league as Jean is a bit of a worry!:)
  6. tcnixon

    tcnixon Active Member

    Some of the questions are still issues that I struggle with. Should we legalize marijuana? Anyone who doesn't realize that there are valid arguments on both sides needs to go back and take another look. I was this way on several issues. I wonder how different my score would be if the test were taken on a different day and time.

    Without getting involved in specific scores, I can say that I greatly respect the two world leaders that were closest to my scores.

    I should mention that the whole left/right (and Dem/Rep in the U.S.) seems a rather silly notion to me. As if there are only two things that you can be. This gets closer by bringing in more factors, but still I think this can probably be done better. I do like taking these kinds of tests, though.

    Tom Nixon
  7. decimon

    decimon Well-Known Member

    Loaded questions. Unanswerable.
  8. AV8R

    AV8R Active Member

    These little quizes really don't prove anything. I ended up in the left on the one in this thread, however, I ended up as a strong libertarian on this one...

  9. Professor Kennedy

    Professor Kennedy New Member

    Oh, well

    Now I know what I suspected. I end up in the Right Libertarian quadrant, where I notice there are no world leaders (indeed the box is empty). That explains why I never got out of the campus, once I returned to it after graduation...
  10. Michael Lloyd

    Michael Lloyd New Member

    Left libertarian here, with a score of Economic Left/Right: -0.75
    Authoritarian/Libertarian: -2.56. According to the graph, I should start learning to sing 'O Canada', eh?


    Michael Lloyd
    Mill Creek, Washington USA
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  11. Dennis Ruhl

    Dennis Ruhl member

    My condolences on having the same score as Jean Chretien. If they had a left/right smart/stupid test you would have been in a different quadrant. Chretien is a few degrees off plumb.

    I came in at 3 right/1 libertarian, where as someone pointed out, no leaders sit. Can you imagine a leader giving up power? Never happen.
  12. dlkereluk

    dlkereluk New Member

    My results are as follows, which should surprise nobody that knows me well enough:

    Your political compass
    Economic Left/Right: -6.00
    Authoritarian/Libertarian: -4.41
  13. Myoptimism

    Myoptimism New Member

    1.75 economic right
    - 3.00 libertarian

    Although there were quite a few questions that really needed better wording.

  14. DaveHayden

    DaveHayden New Member

    I bet you can guess who I matched closet to.
    :D :D :D
  15. oxpecker

    oxpecker New Member

    I scored:

    Economic Left/Right: -1.75
    Authoritarian/Libertarian: -4.31

    So I guess I'm closest to Chretien also. But at least I'm nowhere near Mugabe, Hussein, or Sharon.

    It's interesting that the Pope and Yassir Arafat are neighbors in this grid.
  16. BlackBird

    BlackBird Member

    Did the survey and came out:

    Economic Left/Right: 1.00 (liberal)
    Authoritarian/Libertarian: 1.08 (libertarian)

    That's almost right on the zero. I guess that makes me a pretty balanced guy! ;)
  17. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Economic Left/Right: -2.75
    Authoritarian/Libertarian: -5.90

    Making me a left-wing libertarian, close to Mandela and the Dalai Lama on the chart. That's about right.

    I'm a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. I believe in smaller government, one that protects the rights of its citizens. While I believe in free markets, I also believe that corporations run amok will harm society and its environment. So there.

    Now get out of Iraq! (And no, not to move on to Iran! :rolleyes: )
  18. decimon

    decimon Well-Known Member

    Corporations are government charters with government blessing of limited liability. Sure they fit in with free markets?
  19. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Corporations are also legal persons, so yes. But I like the liability angle--that a free market should mean the ones that do it will be the ones that pay for it. (No limited liability.) Interesting....
  20. Tom Head

    Tom Head New Member

    Congratulations on the Ph.D., dude!


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