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    Are you talking about exams such as CLEP, ECE etc.? If that is the case you might have been unchallenged by standardized exams and not Excelsior itself. Standardized exams are merely one of many ways to earn credit.

    Anyway good luck at CCU!
  2. Dan East

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    Thanks, FWD.

    I certainly do not mean to slag Excelsior in any way! They do a fantastic job. "Customer" service is outstanding, they continue to offer an ever increasing menu of option towards earning a degree and their degrees enjoy near universal acceptance.

    I found the exams to be quite easy, but I will qualify that statement with the fact that I am really duplicating work I completed to earn a degree through Summit University of Louisiana. Just needed to review the new materials in order to to sit for the exam, really.
  3. Dan East

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    BA psych program.

    When I factor in the drag produced by the 'procrastination effect', it works out to about 2 months per course.

    Funny thing, really. I left EC for CCU primarily due to a new found need for course structure. I needed a pre-packaged plan, so to speak. The CCU course work is highly structured and this allows for greater time management on my part.

    You know, I used to be much more disciplined regarding distance learning ... I've gotten lazy in my old age, me thinks!
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    Hello Dan. Summit, huh? I earned a degree from Summit back in 1999.

    I earned the Psy. D. I cannot use the degree in Indiana and probably not in most states insofar as any professional clinical work.

    I found some of the work challenging (statistics) and some of the work elementary.

    I liked Bear's comments about Summit in his guides that came out in the '90's. I think Summit had great potential but ended up being less than a quality school due to so many problems and difficulties it had.

    I was impressed that Natalie Rogers, Carl Rogers' daughter, earned a psychology doctorate from Summit and that Lucai Capacchione's doctoral dissertation ended up a published best selling book.

    All in all, if I had to do it over again, under all those circumstances, I wouldn't have enrolled.

    Ah, for the "woulda, shoulda, coulda's" of life!
  5. Dan East

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    Haha!!! I'll second that, Jimmy!

    My Provost through Summit was Dr. Joseph Solanto. He lived in the same province as me, so we actually had some face time together. He was truly inspirational! Indeed, to me he epitomized the ideal therapist. With (at the time) over 30 years of practice, both public and private, he had seen and done it all, yet he came across as a newly minted grad wanting to make his mark, helping the afflicted! If I could ever be 1/4 the practitioner he is, I'd be twice the counsellor I am.

    To this day, I look at my SUL BA as the real educational achievement. My transcript shows an educational journey broad in scope, varied in academics and rich in personal experiences. And, unlike many who chose SUL, all but 15 or 21 of the credits were real courses taken from a wide variety of sources - DL, community college, private post secondary schools, and so on.

    Anyway, I am enjoying the challenge of re-doing my degree! And as CCU is only NA - and for less than a year! - I get to savour the feeling I get from casting my lot with the underdog, a personal failing of mine!

    DISCLAIMER: For those possible lurkers new to DL and seeking a first degree, DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER a degree program that is not accredited.

    There. I've done my civic duty!

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    This is a good topic for those studying in a doctoral program. I wonder how many doctoral students, from the forum, feel that their coursework writing is leading well toward the dissertation phase.

    My first class at NCU went well and I am interested in how others are rating their coursework toward the doctorate(sure PhD coursework may be different than other doctorates)...RA, DETC, or whatever, please.

    I am done with my first class at NCU and basically here is how it went... Each of the assignments, 11 total, were writing assignments. Generally, they all required litertature searches, writing various kinds of papers(compare-contrast, critical assessments, annotated bibliographies, etc.), citations in APA format, and other things like run of the mill Q&A assignments tagged onto the writing assignments. PhD2B has a great comment about it..."it's more like a marathon" than anything else. Most of the research took place on the internet but I did do some at Indiana U., my company's library, and my local library.


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    My first class was the LS6010B - Information Research Strategies which does not seem to be required any more. I hated that class but it all got better when I started taking the classes I wanted ot take.
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    Yes, there is really no longer any reason not to earn an accredited degree.

    Tuition used to be an issue. It was with me back in the early '80's and early '90's.

    However, with all the DETC schools and SATS as well as others out there, accredited degrees are now very affordable.

    This in no way casts aspersions on anyone who has earned or is earning a good, unaccredited degree. Many secular unaccredited schools are excellent and a number of theological institutions are still good options if accreditation is not an issue regarding career placement, ordination, etc.
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    As of September it was required.


  10. bing

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    As of September it was required.


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    I too hated just thinking of that class, which is unfortunately what added in my decision to withdrawel from NCU amongst my current work position and projects that are hitting me hard at this time.

    Glad you were able to complete LS6010B and understood where to simply focus and get started. It just felt overwhelming for some reason to me.

    Good luck at NCU.
  12. suelaine

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    That first class at NCU

    Everyone hates that first class at NCU! I think everyone has to take the same thing except it is customized a bit for different programs. Mine was LS6010E (The E is for education).

    I really like my technology classes that I'm taking now. :)
  13. bing

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    Re: That first class at NCU

    It wasn't the most interesting class but I didn't hate it. I feel it will provide a good foundation for the remainder of writing assignments in later courses. Maybe someone who has actually taken further coursework can tell me if that is the case or not.

  14. newsongs

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    My question about CCU is this. I began a combined masters/PhD in psychology many years ago and got it to the level of the dissertation (had finished all the courses. Life circumstances caused me to quit working on it. Does their accreditation stop me from finishing after a long lapse. Anyone had experience with this? I did invest thousands into the program and because it was combined, I didnt even get the masters. Thanks for responses.
  15. Kizmet

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    There's nothing that anyone here can say that will be more authoritative than what the school says. Just ask them.
  16. newsongs

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    Info wanted from Doctoral Students.

    I'll be checking with them; in the meantime, I'd love to hear about anyone who completed doctoral work AFTER the DETC approval for CCU, and how the experience was... thanks.

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