Ranking DETC Schools - Doctoral Business or Finance

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    It's ITT's damn Mogadishu campus that's responsible for that. But living here in Silicon Valley and having watched Stanford grads in action, I'd say that the difference isn't all that huge.
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    Classic. I got it ;)

    BillD, well done on the post above this one, especially on the opening sentence.

    I'm an open book, you know where you stand with me.

    This guy, however you have to read a little more into what he is saying: "I knew this would prove to be a challenge for the old guard, hopefully something good will come of it all in the days ahead though"

    "I understand how subjective the response can be, after all, this forum isn't always geared to think outside the box and give due consideration to all forms of education"

    I have some purely academic interests. They are mine. I research them, read about them, write down my thoughts and then come to a conclusion.

    What I don't do is come on to a discussion board and start a thread about a topic of MY OWN INTEREST and expect everyone else to trip over themselves with academic pompousness and do my research for me.

    You want to rank some schools. Then do it.

    I even put a smiley on my original post, for shits sake. You might want to read this article for a little insight:

    Complex thinking required to understand sarcasm

    "Sarcasm is lost on many people, in some cases more than others, because they may be missing part of a complex set of cognitive skills based in specific parts of the brain."
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    Again, thanks for your effort, I'm inclined to think that you are right about the relationship between schools, professors, topics and personal goals/expectations having the lions share of input into the decision-making process. True, there aren't many schools, some of them may aspire to greatest one day, but that surely isn't the reason to place your bets today. Again, focusing on doctoral level programs was too limiting and should be ignored in favour of producing a wider response.

    RFValue - Your comments ring of truth, perhaps that's applies to NA degrees in general too? How far up the ladder does this apply? Thanks for your input, very much appreciated.

    "I believe that many of the students here look at DETC degrees because of price, completion times and customer service. I would suggest a rank based on these 3 variables."

    03310151 - Still nothing there, sorry ....... a book full of empty pages I guess.
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    My name is Cory...the numbers represent my MOS's from my time in the Marine Corps. You don't need to keep typing out the numbers.

    Talk to you later.
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    Sounds OK in theory. But does it make sense in practice?

    Is there an existing database that tracks average completion time for students in DETC degree programs? If not, is anyone prepared to collect and compile such data? If not, this metric can't be used.

    Is there an existing survey of customer satisfaction for students in DETC degree programs? If not, is anyone prepared to conduct a comprehensive, statistically defensible survey of DETC degree holders? If not, this metric can't be used either.

    In the second post in this thread, it was stated:

    Despite all of the subsequent discussion, I still don't see any other criteria that could be realistically employed. You could probably rank DETC programs by price, if you liked. It may not be possible to go any further than that. You can't have a useful ranking if you have no criteria to rank by.
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  6. Rich Douglas

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    Perhaps you misunderstand me. I'm saying the OP's question--which are the better degrees in the specialty mentioned--is moot. I contend there is no discernable difference in the value of degrees awarded by such schools. Not that they don't have value, but that the differences between their respective utility are irrelevant.
    Interesting qualifier, "justifiably." Perhaps not "justifiable." But true nonetheless. (And I have difficulty with lumping Walden in with NCU and Phoenix. I know the distinction I'm about to make is a bit vague, but I consider schools like NCU and Phoenix--and I was a campus chair at the latter--transactional. I consider schools like Walden, Fielding, NSU, Union, and others to be more transformational, where students not only learn concepts, they grow as professionals, IMHO.
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  7. morganplus8

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    Hi Cory,

    Plenty of respect for the Marine Corps here bud. My father has spent his life being reminded of the Second World War, ..... every time he treats his radiation burns, they never heal.

    Hey Rich,

    Love your work, this hasn't been easy process, there just isn't much depth in these DETC programs, and little expectation of recognition from the masses, it appears to be more of a personal enrichment thing I guess. Based upon your comments and those of ITJD in another post, I'll form my opinion, make a decision and advance from here, thanks again for your time.
  8. RFValve

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    It depends, I know of people here in Canada that got Master's degree from DETC schools and used them to get professional designations and some teach with this credential. If recognized by the department of education in the US, technically a DETC degree might qualify you for a pay increase at a community college here in Canada.

    However, a DETC degree won't qualify you teach at most of the RA schools in the US while the RA PhDs would.

    I know also of few people that work as management consultants and trainers, the DR title might add credibility to a business card so it might work for few too.
  9. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    I don't think that we are in a position to rank the DETC schools. We can't even agree on what criteria to use. But it might nevertheless be interesting to look at the entire lineup of DETC-accredited schools and perhaps post about those that catch our eye for some reason, ones that we think might be particularly notable.

    To facilitate that commentary, here's the complete list of all 61 DETC degree-granting schools:

    1. Allied American University, Laguna Hills CA


    2. American College of Healthcare Sciences Portland OR


    3. American College of Technology Saint Joseph MO


    4. American Graduate University Covina CA


    5. American Military University Charles Town WV


    6. American Pacific University Kailua-Kona HI


    7. American Public University Charles Town WV


    8. American Sentinel University (AL) Birmingham AL


    9. American Sentinel University (CO) Aurora CO


    10. Anaheim University Anaheim CA


    11. Andrew Jackson University Birmingham AL


    12. Applied Professional Training, Inc. Carlsbad CA

    13. Ashworth College Norcross GA


    14. Aspen University Denver CO


    15. Atlantic University Virginia Beach VA


    16. Babel University Professional School of Translation (HI) Honolulu HI


    17. Babel University Professional School of Translation (Japan) Tokyo JP


    18. California Coast University Santa Ana CA


    19. California Intercontinental University Diamond Bar CA


    20. California Miramar University San Diego CA


    21. California National University for Advanced Studies Northridge CA


    22. Catholic Distance University Hamilton VA


    23. City Vision College Kansas City MO


    24. Cleveland Institute of Electronics, Inc. Cleveland OH


    25. College of the Humanities and Sciences Harrison Middleton University Tempe AZ


    26. Columbia Southern University Orange Beach AL


    27. Concord Law School of Kaplan University Los Angeles CA


    28. Deakin University (Australia) Geelong VC


    29. Dunlap-Stone University Phoenix AZ


    30. Ellis University Chicago IL


    31. GIA's School of Business Carlsbad CA


    32. Global University Springfield MO


    33. Grantham University Kansas City MO


    34. Griggs University Silver Spring MD


    35. Henley-Putnam University San Jose CA


    36. Holmes Institute Golden CO


    37. Huntington College of Health Sciences Knoxville TN


    38. ICI University Springfield MO


    39. IMPAC University Punta Gorda FL


    40. Independence University Salt Lake City UT


    41. INSTE Bible College Ankeny IA


    42. Lakewood College (formerly American Center for Conflict Resolution Institute) Lakewood OH


    43. Lansbridge University Fredericton NB


    44. McKinley College (A Division of Weston Distance Learning, Inc.) Fort Collins


    45. National Paralegal College (formerly ParalegalTech Institute) Phoenix AZ


    46. Paralegal Institute Glendale AZ


    47. Penn Foster College Scottsdale AZ


    48. Perelandra College La Mesa CA


    49. Southwest University Kenner LA


    50. Taft Law School Santa Ana CA


    51. Teacher Education University Winter Park FL


    52. U.S. Career Institute (a division of Weston Distance Learning) Fort Collins CO


    53. Universidad FLET Miami FL


    54. University of Atlanta Atlanta GA


    55. University of Management and Technology Arlington VA


    56. University of Philosophical Research Los Angeles CA


    57. University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences St. Augustine FL


    58. Western Governors University Salt Lake City UT


    59. William Howard Taft University Santa Ana CA


    60. World College Virginia Beach VA


    61. Yorktown University, Inc. Denver CO

  10. sshuang

    sshuang New Member

    DETC Doctorate in Accounting or Finance

    Two questions:

    1. A list of US-based DETC accredited schools that offers doctorate degree.
    2. Are there any US-based DETC accredited schools that offer doctorate in accounting or finance degree?

  11. morganplus8

    morganplus8 New Member


    Could you tell us what DETC schools your friends graduated from? This is great news for Canadians who want/need to continue their education on-line due to personal constraints. Thanks for your comments.


    This list blows the contention that there are only 3 or 4 DETC schools in America. You've done a service to the DETC community today, it will take sometime to review all of these schools.

    Would someone here have any idea, and why, they might prefer one over another in this comprehensive list? thanks.
  12. CalDog

    CalDog New Member

    Who contends that? Any interested party can look up the DETC Directory of accredited institutions. The current (2009-2010) Directory actually lists 113 DETC schools, but not all of them are degree-granting.
    Search the DETC Directory. My search found only three schools that listed doctorates in business subjects (as stated above, these are California Intercontinental, Columbia Southern, and the University of Management and Technology). But there could be others, if the school has not updated its Directory listing. The University of Atlanta, for example, apparently now offers a DBA in Managerial Science, but this is not shown in the current Directory.
    Price. Most people prefer lower prices to higher prices.
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  13. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    In my opinion, very interesting insightful and worthy of further consideration by people that have read this thread.
  14. imalcolm

    imalcolm New Member

    I've got a comment regarding that list of degree-granting DETC schools. I think the "real" number of schools is a bit smaller.

    Cleveland Institute of Electronics and World College are essentially the same school, even if they may be distinct legal entities. Also AMU and APU are the same school. As far as I can tell, the only difference between the two is the name that APUS puts on your transcript.

    Of course, I'm not meaning to insult those schools. I am a current/former student of them!
  15. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    There are schools such as Western Governors University and APU that hold both DETC and RA accreditation.

    These schools may serve as bridge for undergrad DETC degreed persons to Grad RA degreed persons.

    Now why I bring this up?

    I think that better DETC accredited universities would achieve RA from NCA or similar if they chosen to do so.

    More than that If it was up to me any DETC university that is DETC accredited in good standing for 10 years i.e 2 DETC reviews (one per 5 years) should get RA accreditation status and every RA university RA accredited for 10 years in good standing should get NA accreditation so they all be like WGU RA and NA accredited.

    This can be done by alliance of NA and RA agency just like they do with CSTA and SACS or CSTA NCA

    This should be the law of the USA :)
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  16. morganplus8

    morganplus8 New Member


    Can you reference specific DETC schools that might meet your criteria?

    <<I think that better DETC accredited universities would achieve RA from NCA or similar if they chosen to do so.>>
  17. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    Aspen University - Deliver quality education for 25 years - has ability to earn RA if elected so.

    The Aspen University MSN Program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), and the Distance Education and Training Council.

    I also think CIE / World College could earn RA if elected so.
    As I seen the coursework for their AASEET and BEET degree with adding couple of science classes its identical to RA/ABET similar programs.
    I served on ABET board as an evaluator some 10 years ego.

    Another school that can earn RA is California National University.
    Wile I seen only the program in Engineering it is on high level, I would say stronger then what my co worker completed at Cal State Long Beach.

    All will require some changes to comply with their regionals.

    I'm sure there are additional candidates but these is my initial selection.
  18. KariS

    KariS New Member

    Ranking DETC on cost puts them close to the lowest cost RA schoolf of a doctorate, but not at the lowest.

    California Intercontinental University: $14,000
    University of Atlanta: $16,500
    Columbia Southern University: $18,000
    University of Management and Technology: $24,000

    Kansas State University $17,000
    University of Missouri $18,000
    Bowling Green State University $18,900
    East Carolina University $18,900
    Indiana State University $18,900
    Touro University International $25,000
    Mississippi State University $27,200
    Northcentral University $28,350
    New Jersey Institute of Technology $28,800
    Dakota State University $29,000
    Colorado State University $30,000

    A better ranking is which can you get into, and does it offer a program you are interested in.
  19. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    Deakin in Geelong Victoria AU seems to be an outlier, a remnant of several Australian, British and South African B&M universities that sought DETC accreditation specifically for their DL efforts and then subsequently let it lapse.

    Western Governors U. got quite a bit of press in its earlier days, when a group of state governors were promoting the idea of a tremendous Open University-like joint online university back during the dot.com frenzy. It seems to have settled into a modest life as a small private non-profit online school with both RA and DETC accreditation after the governors apparently tired of it.

    American Military U. might have thought that its name was deterring civilian applicants or something, so it gave itself the second name of 'American Public University'. I think that it's a little misleading for a private university to use that particular name (and for that matter, to use two names for the same school). But my distaste for its marketing aside, it appears to be a solid if unspectacular DL effort and is both RA and DETC.

    Concord Law School has merged with Kaplan U. and became RA that way. It appears to be well funded and appears trying to emulate an in-person lw school experience online. I think that it's interesting and worth watching. But it's expensive and it isn't ABA, which will limit its degrees' utility largely to California, I guess. It's still near the bottom of the law-school pecking order.

    Moving on to the DETC-only schools, the schools for whom DETC is their only institutional accreditation, I guess that I have to say that I'm struck by how... obscure... they all are. There's not a single high-profile school among them. None of the DETC schools seems to be a leader in much of anything.

    A few that caught my eye --

    Babel U. in Hawaii and Japan offers degrees in foreign language translation. It's an unusual field, though I don't know how effective their instruction is.

    Catholic Distance University certainly seems to be a good-faith effort (in several ways), but I don't think that this is intended to substitute for seminary training for religious vocations or conventional Catholic universities for more high-powered scholarship. It's intended to provide continuing education opportunities to the laity, I think.

    Cleveland Institute of Electronics has been around for a long time.

    Harrison Middleton U. offers masters and Doctor of Arts programs that are of considerable interest to me personally. I'm put off by the hefty price and by the rather restrictive 'Great Books' approach though, so I'm unlikely to apply. And realistically, I don't think that it's developed the kind of reputation for scholarship that distinguish conventional B&M departments in these humanities subjects.

    Henley-Putnam U. in San Jose offers what might be DETC's sexiest classes. But the school and its associated businesses have never smelled entirely right to my nose. I'm skeptical.

    Perelandra U. has a focus on religious creative writing, inspired by CS Lewis. Not my thing, but interesting nevertheless.

    The U. of Philosophical Research was one of my California-approved favorites, back in the day. It offers a couple of masters degrees that address an alternative religion-psychology nexus. It's unusual/flaky in a very Californian way, which I kind of like. It's hard to compare this thing to conventional RA schools, it's kind of a niche player.

    William Howard Taft U. has always seemed admirably straight-forward in my estimation.

    Yorktown U. is kind of interesting, but I'm not sure how high its flakiness factor really is. It sems to specialize in right-wing politics and economics of the libertarian (as opposed to religious-right) sort. Arthur Laffer taught a class for them once, as I recall, but unfortunately so has Robert de Sorbon's owner.

  20. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    Good information, Kari. From looking at this, if the least expensive DETC doctorate is California Intercontinental at $14K, and if you can do a Kansas State U. DL doctorate for $17K and a U. of Missouri (which campus?) degree for $18K, I'd say that the idea that DETC offers a significant cost advantage over RA might not hold up very well. Doubly so when you factor in degree utility and academic stuff like faculty strength and research support.

    That's where I start. I look for programs that address my interests, needs and desires. That usually narrows the universe of discourse right there, sometimes down to zero. Often times there's little or nothing available by DL. Then I'll look at both price and admissions requirements. Even a great-looking program is of little use to me if I can't get in or if it costs more than I can afford.

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