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  1. rgoodman

    rgoodman New Member

    When a new college is seeking RA, there is a time period it is a candidate institute only.
    If someone got a degree from it during this period what is the acceptance of the degree? Can it be called a RA degree?

    Can John Bear or other comment? Thanks!
  2. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Technically: No.

    Practically: Usually.

    In Reality: Yes.

    There might be a few situations where a few people might be asked when they earned their degrees vis a vis when the school was accredited, but even then there are sometimes provisions for degrees earned during a school's pre-accredited days.

    In many more situations, whoever is doing the screening will likely look for the school in a reference book of accredited institutions, find it, and be done with it.

    I would much rather have a degree from an accredited school earned during its pre-accredited days than one from an accredited school that is now defunct (and, therefore, no longer appears in current reference books of accredited schools). It would seem likely to raise fewer questions, if any at all.

    Rich Douglas
  3. Gary Rients

    Gary Rients New Member

    Thomas Edison State College states that they will accept transfer credit from schools that are candidates for regional accreditation. This would allow you take courses from an RA candidate while getting the degree from a school that is fully RA. Some other schools may also have this policy.
  4. Timmy Ade

    Timmy Ade New Member

    For what is worth, it might interest you to know that Phoenix University says it will hire as members of faculty, individuals with degrees from Colleges / Universities that have "RA CANDIDACY STATUS" ALSO. i.e. in addition to those with regular RA degrees.

  5. Hille

    Hille Active Member

    I'm curious which schools are RA candidates and which one will probably make the grade. Thank you.

  6. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    The only schools related to this forum that I'm aware of in candidacy status are U.S. Open University and Northcentral University. The first is a lock for accreditation. Northcentral seems a good candidate simply because being a candidate makes a school very likely to become accredited.

    Candidacy means the school meets the standards for accreditation (or can do so in short order), but the accrediting agency wants to watch the school's operations for awhile.

    No DL-related school has reached candidacy only to fail to become accredited since the International Graduate School in (I believe) 1987. Before that you have to go to 1980 and Prometheus College. (That's from memory; I've said this a number of times without anyone challenging it, so it might be right.)

    Rich Douglas

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