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    I'm a student from Estonia currently in my first year in bachelor's. I would have finished also my second year subjects by spring. I would like to know if it is possible to go to master's in this autumn already. For that I need a bachelor's and I have some credit to transfer. Unfortunately I have only $3000 to spend for a bachelor's. Do you know where I could get one so I could still het into a Master's program?
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    Can't happen unless you're super smart and can clep out of a ton of courses. Clep would get it done fast if you're a self starter but if your not then a DETC degree from Penn Foster or Andrew Jackson University would be good. They are self paced so you can go as fast as you want.
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    Do you still live in Estonia or somewhere else?

    Very improbable - you still need two years more in your bachelors program for your bachelor degree (at least for USA colleges).

    Let us know where you live and how many credits you have already and the source and we might have have an answer to this question.
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    I'm still in Estonia, going to Tartu University (TOP 600 in the world). I believe I will get about 100 European Academic Points by this spring and I will graduate in 2012 spring. The college here lasts 3-years but I am quicker than that. But I would even like more - to do it in 1 year - that would be something. Is there a chance for me to transfer the credit in spring and at the moment start online courses as well so I could combine the on-campus and online learning to get a BA in 1 year. By the way, I learn politics and minor in economics. It is important that the school I officially graduate would be good enough to get me into an MA to some solid European (or else) graduate school. Can you help me?

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    jaan, you might want to read over bain4weeks.com. That's a site that explains how to earn a bachelor's degree from a legitimate, regionally accredited school entirely through exams and portfolio. It is theoretically possible to do so in 4 weeks, but it is more common to take 6 months or a year to do so. Lawrie Miller, who created the site, describes how to prepare for the exams, discusses the difficulty of different exams, and other useful information.
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    I'll suggest the old axiom: "Cheap, fast, good...pick two"
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    "That's a site that explains how to earn a bachelor's degree from a legitimate, regionally accredited school entirely through exams and portfolio." - Chip

    How much would that cost if I can transfer all the points I have mentioned before?
    Is there any examples of someone who has got into a solid master's degree after getting a BA from such a school?
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    That is a very difficult question. I'm not sure if there is any direct way to find a correlation between your previous work and the American system of credit hours. Also, each of the three schools in question have varying fees and requirements. One school's (Thomas Edison State College) enrollment and graduation fees alone are about $3000 USD, whereas another school's (Excelsior College) fees are about $1500 USD, but require a "capstone" course that costs another $1000 and an Information Literacy course that costs $315 USD. The overall cost, however, depends greatly on how much of your previous work they will accept and what methods you use to finish your remaining requirements.

    Look at page 3 of this document. Note the peach-colored table on the right. http://www.excelsior.edu/c/document_library/get_file?uuid=b559591a-1fde-4135-a958-e29c855b7826&groupId=78666
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    My Excelsior degree got me into two masters programs.

    No capstone is required at Excelsior (although either 2 concentrations or a major are required). Excelsior BSLS is probably the most flexible degree in the USA (and perhaps world wide).

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  13. A cautionary tale about using bain4weeks material - use it for the concept, NOT as a roadmap as it is woefully out of date now. It was a great inspiration to me in 2003 for my BS in General Business degree (thanks Lawrie) but by the end of 2004 exams that he mentions were already starting to be dropped. Think of it now like a guidebook, not a step-by-step plan.

    With Excelsior, it is no longer possible to the best of my knowledge to do a complete degree ENTIRELY via exam, as at a minimum they require the 1 credit Information Literacy course, and the business degree requires their capstone as they eliminated the Business Policy & Strategy ECE exam. You also need to be a bit more creative with others, using a combination of CLEP, DANTES and ECE (as noted on the site) but fill in gaps with at least one or more TECEP exams too (Operations Management was dropped in 2003 I think).

    With all of these caveats, it is still possible, and quick, to do a degree mostly via examination if you have testing centers nearby, existing knowledge you can apply, and the desire to get it done!
  14. Ditto!

    Good to know that the BSLS doesn't require a capstone. I believe the business degree does.
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