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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by Randell1234, May 3, 2009.

  1. Anthony Pina

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    At my institution the salary stays pretty constant until enrollment reaches 20. Starting at 21, you are given your base rate plus 1/20th of your base rate. This continues to increase up to 29. Once your course enrollment hits 30, your are given an additional load (which means that you are paid as if you were teaching two classes). Not that many of our classes have enrollments of 30 or more (that is a heavy load for an online class--I know, since I am one who is teaching a class of 30 this quarter).
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    My wife has been teaching a course for Phoenix. She started back in July of last year. She taught it once, then again around December. A third opportunity came in April, and now all of the sudden she was asked to teach it IMMEDIATELY following the third time AND immediately following the fourth time. She just thought it was odd that her frequency in teaching the course increased that much.

    She also noticed that the class sizes are going up. She just taught a section with 8 students, and now the new section has 17.

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    Can I teach for your school?:rolleyes:
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    Not everyone is cut out for teaching (or for online teaching) and if an instructor isn't adequately performing, then it would be incompetent for an administrator to continue offering employment assignments to him.

    Anthony Pina's school obviously isn't the norm for online institutions and his experience certainly doesn't reflect my experience -- or Randell's -- or many others. Anthony should obviously continue teaching where he's at because it's a good gig. :)
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    For what it's worth, Matt, I'm in the same situation with Phoenix. I finished my faculty training/mentorship in March. I was immediately scheduled in late March, April and May.

    The UOP experience caps my classes at 20. I teach a required course that is needed early in their management sequence, Critical Thinking.

    I am certainly grateful for the opportunity to facilitate and the frequency of the opportunities!

  6. DeterminedAdjunct

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    I agree

    I have seen the same thing with face to face summer school teaching. The class size has increased for middle school teaching for summmer school. I started out wtih 7, yes, 7. Now I average 20 to 30 for 6th -8th. I am also dreaming to do face to face or/and online. I am VERY close to face to face at a local college. This is a great blog and I am glad that I found it.

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    I thought doctoral candidates were too expensive.
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    I teach for two schools. One did make the change from 20 to 24 students with no increase in pay.

    The other (UOP) seems to me to have a lot more drop-outs mid-course. The classes start off full but there's been more withdrawals along the way.

    Thankfully they don't (or haven't yet) changed the pay. I have one course ending this week with only 8 students left!

    Note: Its not me. I promise.

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