Qatar hired a company to discredit lawmakers who oppose Hamas and, the Muslim Brotherhood

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    JERUSALEM – The oil-rich Gulf state of Qatar hired a former CIA agent’s company to discredit Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Tex., and other lawmakers who oppose Hamas and its parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, according to documents obtained by Fox News Digital.

    The documents reveal that the alleged Qatar state-funded espionage campaign targeted Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, because he sought to have the Muslim Brotherhood designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

    The clandestine document, titled “Project ENDGAME” and drafted by U.S. company Global Risk Advisors (GRA), which was founded by the ex-CIA employee Kevin Chalker, reads, “High Alert: An attack on Hamas is an attack on Qatar. An attack on the Muslim Brotherhood is an attack on Qatar.”

    The March 2017 Qatari-funded plan of action to torpedo anti-Hamas and anti-Muslim Brotherhood legislation and policies noted that “Sen. Ted Cruz has reintroduced his bill to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. Unless you act soon, your enemies will inject Qatar into this fight.”
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    Hire someone to discredit Ted Cruz? That's not awful - it's just a stupid waste of money. Ted Cruz has discredited HIMSELF, many times. He will, doubtless, continue. And others are willing to discredit him further (if that's possible) for free.

    @nosborne48 - And again, NO. Canada is not taking him back. :)
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    There can be others, I think this is another eyes opening revelation.
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    I suspect it's a fairly common occurrence. It being made public is the uncommon part of the story.
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    I remember something from the past - the Steele dossier.
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    The Orthodox Israeli journalist who infiltrated the 'quiet Jihad'

    Interesting reporting by journalist, includes in chapter 5 of the reporting series is US.
    Shows MB in USA.


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