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    I honestly can't remember what I've shared about who I am or what I do, but I've worked in higher education for about 15 years. I've done everything from student/academic advising to career advising to, presently, working on the backend for the online programs of a top public university.

    In short, to get to the next level of where I see myself going, it'd be highly beneficial for me to pursue a doctorate - I've known this for a very long time, but I'm just now getting to a point where I feel like it's something I can achieve (given life circumstances, etc.).

    I'm finding it nearly impossible to pass up Purdue Global's new-ish (it launched earlier this year, evidently) Doctor of Education program. I reached out, and, in short, they transferred my EdM, and I would be on track to finish in about 18 months and for just around $20k tuition (after a military/veteran discount).

    I'm aware of the former iteration of Purdue Global (Kaplan University, for those that don't know), but given that Purdue Global is under the Purdue Board of Trustees, I feel reasonably confident in my decision.

    I'm posting this here to identify any potential naysayers (kidding... sort of... just feedback) on this opportunity. I'm open to any questions!
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    Who would issue the degree, Purdue University or Purdue Global?
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    So full disclosure I've just started teaching my first term at Purdue Global in an adjunct faculty role within Health Sciences and so far I've been very pretty impressed with the university. From the couple of faculty meetings that I've attended, there is a great deal of attention placed on always improving the student experience while also improving the quality of education delivered. The Global campus (at least in health sciences) has tried to mimic many of the same standards as the main university and the Master of Health Care Administration program is currently under accreditation review with the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME). While there may be some leftovers from the Kaplan U footprint I think there has been a great amount of work into fully integrating this online campus into the Purdue University System as a whole and raising the level of the educational product. Yes, your degree will say Purdue Global but you are now part of the Boilermaker family and you can proudly sport Purdue gear as well.

    Now with that said it still would be a very worthwhile effort to investigate other options both from a cost and unit transferability point of view to ensure you're making the right choice. Best of luck on your journey.
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    I haven't heard anything bad about Purdue Global since Kaplan University was purchased. On DegreeForum, the only complaint I've seen is that they require a lot of writing to the point that it's busy work. I will say, though, that the list of schools for the borrowers' defense settlement says Purdue University Global instead of Kaplan University. In comparison, Ashford University is listed instead of University of Arizona Global Campus.
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    It appears that they consider Concord Law School to be a semi-autonomous entity similar to Thunderbird and ASU. You can also find them here.



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    Plus they're so cheap! And RA. The downside is no federal student aid. If I get an EdD from an RA school in the future, it will probably be from them.
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    Yes! I know that I read somewhere on their site that part of the reason that they can keep tuition so low is because they don't offer federal student aid. As someone who works in education, they do have my interest.
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    I like ACE. A lot.

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