Projections for the 2022 Midterms

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by LevelUP, Oct 28, 2022.

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    This is actually a very big deal IMHO. I find it especially maddening when the Republicans attack minority groups. For example, pushing crime especially against black candidates and darkening their skin in ads. They do it primarily for selfish political gain but sadly it causes fear, hate and discrimination.
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    I watched almost an hour of Fox News late last night before going to bed. If I was to sum up the overall Fox News panel response to the election results with one word it would be "stunned". Apparently the Fox News panel had a Democrat representative on their panel. She spoke for an expanded period basically blaming Trump and warning the Republican party that Trump was a drag on their party. The most interesting thing about her comments to me was that no one on the panel pushed back on her take when she was done.
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    I think part of the narrative/lessons learned will be that in some races President Trump chose high risk electability candidates, not because he believed them to be the best fit, but potentially because of ego and spite for the other potential candidate(s). For many people, the party line only goes so far when the candidate is as questionable as we have seen in some cases. I would wager that a little known but “reliable” candidate would have faired better in several of these races.
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    I agree that this played a large part in many of the races.

    Regarding who Trump endorsed, I think his only concern was who he thought did the best job sucking up to him and kissing his ass. At least that is what he's basically said. His campaign appearance supporting JD Vance is a good example of this, I think.
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    From my view, the elections are more or less as I expected, in previous posts I stated that the Republicans will gain seats in Congress but its not going to be a wave but a more modest increase.
    As to Senate, I estimated that nothing will change, so I was a little off, so far it appears Republicans lost one seat. GA will have another round Dec 6th.
    PA, even my close friend living there who always voted for Republicans this time around voted for Democrat John Fetterman.
    Governor race, I speculated will not change drastically.
    What I didn't like when I watched some channels is that if GOP takes the majority of the house they will start investigations against the president etc.
    I think those will be bad for our country. Wasn't good when it was done to Trump or Clinton and now may be attempted against President Biden.
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    Let them. It's not like Congressional investigations are going to go anywhere, and the more they waste their time on that, the less time they have to do other things.
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    I can’t believe that guy won. Even my staunch Republican husband didn’t like him. He never votes Democrat
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    The great red trickle...
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    I never predicted a red wave. I'm watching the election game like the rest of you.

    But in hindsight, if you ask where the red wave was, then I would say it was in Florida and New York.

    Florida is now deep red, with DeSantis winning by almost 20 points and winning the Hispanic vote by 15%. Miami-Dade county flipped red.

    In New York, the Republicans picked up 4 extra seats in congress. That is a huge percentage of what they gained in all of the U.S.

    The current projection for the senate is Republicans with 49 seats, and the runoff in Georgia will determine the last seat. Everything else is hopium.

    Even though the governor won Georgia by 7%, the odds are only 30% that Walker will win the Runoff.

    And one thing you guys might not realize, CONTROL OF THE HOUSE IS STILL IN PLAY. There's still a 25% chance the Dems keep control of the house of representatives.
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    In general its not a good practice to predict a big win (wave) because it may actually reduce the urgency to vote for your party and encourage the opponent voters to work harder and show up to vote.
    There is psychological tactics involved for the mind of the voters.
    As mentioned in other posts, it can be in a form of edited images that make the opponent candidate look less appealing, inaccurate articles that some quotes out of content.
    I mean just log in to any leading site, you will see if the site known to be on the left then the opponents from the right will be shown angry, and darker pictures etc. Same for right leaning sites, they will show left opponents in same way.
    Its all mind "control" games to influence the voter and the outcome of elections followed by damage control after elections.
    And if there is a Runoff like in GA then urgent prep to influence the upcoming Dec 6th competition.
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    Agreed. Sadly think that a lot of national democratic unforced errors, have been alienating a lot of folks in the Midwest who otherwise would have voted for them. Still the Ohio and Georgia races have shown that many just don’t care about the ethics and integrity of their elected officials… it’s just about party power…
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    Sounds like both of them will be right at home in Florida now!
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    Why is it taking so long to count the votes?
    Nevada for example, maybe by Monday we will have final count results.
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    They have to individually verify the signature of each mail-in ballot. This is not the only thing involved but as I understand it, it is the most time consuming component of the vote counting.
  18. "I've now been to 57 states," Barack Obama
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    Just when you think it can't get worse than Brandon, Fetterman says: "beer my hold!!!

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    You better hope you never experience a stroke. Karma can be such a bitch, just saying...
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