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    I am new to this blog. I am interested in doing a PMP exam prep program but due to work constraint now able to attend a classroom program...though I would like to go for one. I heard of virtual classroom programs. Have heard of PMstudy. How good are they? Please help me.
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    I've been in the same boat. I think I stumbled on the same $125 option but can't find it anymore.
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    Randell1234 seemed to have posted a low-cost preparation resource.

    If you're a Post 9/11 Veteran, there is a free program (that does not count against your GI Bill) that leads to PMP certification:

    Career Transition | IVMF

    Please consider the VCTP at Syracuse.

    It is of no cost to Post 9/11 Veterans (Does not use your GI Bill.)

    They're accepting applications now for the January 2014 Cohort.

    The training is chiefly online, via skillport.

    You can watch an informational webinar at this link:

    VetNet Special Presentation: Veterans Career Transition Program (VCTP) Overview - YouTube

    I commented about it some in this thread:

    I posted my raw interview notes in this thread:

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi Steffi Mansi,

    If you are interested in doing PMP Exam, consult with the training providers, those who offer training for PMP Certification. The training providers provides both Online PMP Training and In-Class Training. Before studying for PMP Certification study about the pros and cons of PMP. The Training providers provide 35 hours of online classes for PMP Certification. They demonstrate the training with real time scenario. The exam cost for PMP Certification is $400 - $500.

    The Required Skills For Doing PMP Certification Exam

    • 4 years of completed degree

    • The project managers should have minimum three years of experience in project management field.
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