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    Professional Education Organization International

    Interesting web site and foundation offering college quality courses for low cost. They ran the whole thing for $1594 last year based on their annual report

    I do not think you can get a degree there; however, it might be an interesting place to teach.

    From the site:

    The creation of PEOI is a challenge to prove that professional education can be made available at little or not cost to all that need it.

    For a web site that can accommodate eight or ten professional courses, and several hundred students, the cost of 100 Megs of server storage space and 1.5 Gigabyte of traffic is less than $200 per year. Even for an old retired professor, this is practically pocket money. Or putting it another way, the marginal cost of maintaining course content per student is less than a dollar per course, or, relative to the income opportunity generated by the acquire skills, virtually nill.
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    I realize bumping this might be a record for necro-ing, but I ended up registering with PEOI. What I was hoping for was a group of volunteers using Wiki-style authoring tools to build courses that could be used for self-study, perhaps to help people pass CLEP exams or whatever. What I found was a large number of courses written in very bad English, pages using IFRAMES, and the entire site in Perl.

    After spending several hours navigating just a few pages, I managed to get into my course and see where to begin editing, and yet among the hundreds of links there's no clear workflow for how to take on certain pages or do other activities. I eventually abandoned it as not a good use of my time. I'd like to see this project advance, but apparently so much has been invested in hand-coding this very limited technology (my password is sent to me in plain-text and Chrome blocks a lot of the site for cross-site scripting violations) that there's no effort to update or change it.
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    Thread necromanced again... But alas, PEOI seems to be dead beyond necromancing, which I think is a pity. I liked them, somehow.

    Best regards,
    Mac Juli
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    I'd love to participate in this type of endeavor if someone else were to take it up. Wikitextbooks might be the closest project currently. Unfortunately I couldn't even get off the mailing list for PEOI, and my feedback went unresponded to. I was very frustrated because the concept was very cool.
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    Indeed. Dead. For about 13 years, I think. The financial report Denver referred to as "last year" was for 2003. Latest news was about award winners for 2006. I think the site expired some time around 2007. Requiescat in pace. Dominus vobiscum, etc. etc.

    Dustin - I think I know why you didn't get that feedback... :(
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    And that appears to be the last financial report published on the (excavation) site. All the archaeologists have now reported - so let's have an end-of-dig shindig and forget the "Burial Mound." Damn Perl and double-damn IFrames anyway... worse than hieroglyphics. :eek:
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    Almost as nostalgic as NetZero.
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    There's a lot of this happening! For example, here's a Canadian organization developing such materials that welcomes participation from individuals:

    But if you search for "open educational resources" you'll find a ton of this.
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