Prime Gaming August 2022 - StarCraft Remastered + 4 other games

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  1. AsianStew

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    For those who already use Amazon Prime for purchases and for Gaming or Movies/TV, then this is for you! Starting today, they have 5 freebies (along with their usual freebies of course). The one which caught my eye was StarCraft! Wow, awesome game, I remember this from a few years, nostalgia...

  2. Johann

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    Really great offer - but I represent the Union of Distance Learning Dwarfs. Our last contract did not allow time for gaming, so we're appealing our um - appalling work conditions. We work our fingers to the bone, daily, into the late hours, in the Great Salt Mine of Distance Education. This must change!

    "Hi Ho, Hi Ho. It's to the Net we go.,,
    The Profs can't spell, they always yell -
    Hi Ho! Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Hi Ho!

    Lay down your picks and shovels, Brethren! There shall be FREE gaming - from Amazon Prime ----- tonight!
    I rejoice and raise my hands to Heaven. Thank you, BEZOS!! :) :)
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