Post Graduate Studies after SMC University Degree

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  1. Mac Juli

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    I attended SMC University in 2013. Every time I hear from them, I see in my mind's eye an idyllic landscape (like in the Heidi anime from the 70s)... a flock of goats crosses my way... and all they start to baa: "Bad! Baaad! Baaad! BAAAAAD!!"

    Best regards,
    Mac Juli
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  2. ali

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    But would you recommend ENEB over this?
  3. Elbulk

    Elbulk Member

    Well that's a no brainer
  4. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member

    Yes. Immediately. Without hesitation. Of course. Yeah. Ja. Oui. Si. Ita est. If you want me to provide details, I will give them... after a nice nap as it is evening in my country.
  5. SteveFoerster

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    Yeah, but how do you really feel?
  6. Mac Juli

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    Ok, without pettiforgery:

    I think the SMC University is not good because I did a course in 2013 that was supposed to be a "Mini MBA". It was part of the "Accelerated Bachelor" program and it was on par with a tenth grade course on a German High School. Nonexistent customer service. No connection to other students. It was the worst course I ever took, and I had more than three dozens. If you have a look on the history of SMC University since 2010, you get a long list of mostly disappointed ex-partners (all universities which partnered with them do not do so any more except UCN, but I have the impression they partner with anyone if paid properly), a ban in Ghana and several not-so-glorious events.

    I think ENEB is a preferable option. Good customer service, low price, extra events like a cooperation with Taobao University, much more demanding courses and assessments (would rank them third year UK Bachelor degree or Level 7 UK), cooperation with an institution that is properly accredited in Germany (Universidad I Isabel), vibrant student community.

    ...yes, I guess that would describe my feelings quite accurately. However, for the sake of fairness: my experience with SMC University was in 2013. Maybe they have improved greatly since then.
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