Post 9/11 Gi bill online learning but getting the full BAH

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  1. Hey everyone, I have been gone for a while but a friend of mine in Japan is going to start his MBA soon with UMUC and he has grown accustomed to getting the full BAH while going to school but in Japan they do not offer any "in class" not online classes for an MBA. I heard a rumor that you can take one class not online and you can get the whole BAH, even if it isn't part of the program you are in. Can anyone confirm or deny this rumor?
    I know I should probably call the VA but I don't have 3 hour to be on hold with them when I am sure someone out there already has an answer to this.
    Thanks everyone.
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    This is true ONLY if the class you are taking is approved for transfer back to your primary institution. This must be arranged prior to certifying the course. If the class will not count for transfer, then you can't even receive benefits at all, much less the BAH.

    If you don't follow this procedure, then you can get in major hot water. I once had a student attempt to do this by taking classes at a campus-based institution without telling me that he was also taking online classes from another institution. Because of this, when the VA found out about the discrepancy, it billed him to recover several thousand dollars in benefits paid.

    (I am a VA certifying official.)
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    StefanM is absolutely correct. Also, it depends on your college or university as well. I have found out that Colorado Technical University offers Doctorate at distance learning; however, you're required to attend two weeks of residency each year. The program is registered/classified itself by the University as residence. The students received full BAH w/ Colorado Springs' location BAH regardless where the student live.

    As far as StefanM's mention; I had done that. One of my classes at Georgetown University, I had to pay out of my pocket because it was not transferable to Capella University for Ph.D in Information Technology. I ended up dropping out from Capella University's program.
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    And what is BAH?
  6. Basic Allowance for Housing. It's basically a set amount of money (based on zip code) that they give you once a month.
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    Does this apply to Capella's residential colloquia? Their doctoral programs are online with residencies spread out throughout the program. And I was just wondering if the full BAH applies or the reduced online-BAH portion only? Thanks for answering, just curious and wanted to know.

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    Apparently, Walden University and Capella University do not play this rule. I verified with Nova Southeastern University, Colorado Technical University, Walden University, and Capella University; for Walden and Capella, you will get 50% BAH with national rate plus (Full BAH only given during residency/colloquium). At Nova Southeastern University and Colorado Tech, you'll receive full-BAH with schools' zip code. I assume Walden and Capella do not play full-BAH rule because they are solely distance learning academic institutions.

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