Please share online teaching/grading phone interview questions. I'll start...

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  1. melid

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    Would any of you mind sharing phone interview questions for online distance learning/grading jobs? I often freeze in interviews, but do fine with a little prep. I'll start by posting an SAT grading question (really the only question they ever asked) to get the ball rolling.

    "Describe a situation in which you didn't agree with curriculum or content you were required to teach. How did you handle it?"

    I said that during student teaching I was paired with a teacher whose teaching methods were not what I was being taught in grad school but that I just went with the program and tried to learn as much as I could from him. I kept in mind that I'd have my own class soon, blah, blah, blah"

    I got the job....

    Anyone else want to share? If you remember what online school asked the question, that would be great too...
  2. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    Here are a few:
    What specifically interests you about becoming an online instructor?
    When facilitators have a passion for teaching, it shows in the classroom. How would you create a positive learning-centered environment
    Aside from your education and experience, what will you do to help better educate your students?
    What will you do if you are met with opposition by your students?
  3. RFValve

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    Few that I have gotten more than once:

    How do you deal with angry students?

    How is your job experience related to your online teaching?

    How do your education relate to the position you are applying?

    Do you have publications?

    Do you have experience supervising research?
  4. Smirnoff

    Smirnoff New Member


    A couple more;

    Aside from your education and experience, what will you do to help better educate your students?

    What methods would you implement to aid in their education?

    How would you be effective with entry-level college students?

    Participation is very important for the student as well as the facilitator. As a facilitator, you will be required to participate in the online classroom environment 5 out of 7 days a week. How would you meet these participation requirements? What types of techniques would you use to get students to participate?

  5. melid

    melid New Member

    Thanks, you guys are great!

    I'm so glad for these responses. Thank you! Please share any others that come to mind....Some of these would definitely take some thought so they're good to know ahead of time...

    I thought of another one I read somewhere on these forums: "What are the latest trends in education (or your field)" I can't remember the question, exactly, but something to that effect.
  6. jerryvn01

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    I do not agreed with you. Any way, your ideal make me thinking about some thing for my project.

    Please try to keep posting. Tks and best regards
  7. truckie270

    truckie270 New Member

    One I have gotten thrown my way a couple of times:

    You appear to have a lot on your plate - how well do you think you will be able to balance the requirements of this position with your personal and professional life?
  8. vegetablevn

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    Thanks very much for this comment. It help me to think about my ideals.

    Tks again and pls keep posting.
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  9. hambim336

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    You can find this info by using search box in the top of website with some keywords related before posting questions.
  10. jennyfd

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    Pls refer this teaching phone interview questions list:

    • Why did you decide to become a teacher?

    • Have you ever taken care of someone? Did you enjoy it?

    • Do you consider yourself a risk taker? (Give an example to back up your answer.)

    • Are you a positive and energetic person? (Give an example to back up your answer.)

    • If a student said she thought you were the worst teacher she ever had, how would you react and what would you say?

    • If I were your principal and we were setting goals for next year, what would they be?

    • What is the last book you read?

    • Have you ever considered publishing a book?

    • Some people say you should demand respect. Do you agree or disagree?

    • Tell me about yourself.

    • How would you rank these in importance and why? Planning, discipline, methods, evaluation.

    • If a student came to you

    Pls give suggestions if you can.

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