Please help me choose the best MSIS distance learning program

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    Hi All, I am determined to apply for a MSIS (masters in Information Systems) program this fall through distance learning. I am a working mum so it is impossible for me to go to school. Therefore I will prefer an online option. My work will be paying for my degree partly/fully depending on my grades.

    I am currently working as a Data Analyst and work on SAS, SQL, Excel, Access in the Healthcare sector in NJ. I have over 8+ experience. My objective is to complete my Masters program and get that IT degree on my resume. The undergrad was in Business Administration. I have done lot of IT courses over the years however I still get questioned about my IT skills. Also my passion is in Data Analytics hopefully through this degree I hope to land a good job. So networking or campus recruitment if possible will be of great help.

    I have goggled a lot and these are the programs I so far like,

    Mississippi State University’s, National University, MSIS, 30 hr $11,190.00
    Dakota State University, Regional Uni, MSIS, 30 hr,$12000
    Colorado State University Fort Collins, MSIS, 30 hr, $23,550.00
    NJIT, MSIS, 30 hrs, $33000
    UMBC, MSIS, $26000
    Auburn University, MSIS, $24000

    I know Dakota state or UIS Springfield seems popular on this board. However I am unsure whether they will help me achieve my objective of doing my Masters from a good reputable school.

    Please can anyone suggest? I couldn't find any good school in NJ/NY area except NJIT or Syracruse (too expensive).

    Thank you!!
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    Since you have expressed an interest in data analytics, my recommendation would be Dakota State. They have several data analytics courses available. They even have a business analytics certificate that I will pursue after finishing my masters.

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