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  1. Abner

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    Hey seems great, and has a great portfolio, etc. He is also working on my moms neighbors house, and seems to be doing a great job.

    I want to use him for an expansion on my living room. How do I check out any complaints or anything like that? Here are his details:

    Compac Development, Inc.
    Richard J. Park, President - Lic# 394478
    General Contractors/Custom home builder
    7802 Kelley Circle, La Palma, CA 90623

    Can someone please help me check out whether this guy has had any complaints, lawsuits, etc.? I have no reason to suspect anything, but I would be spending a good chunk of money of this. Any help would be great, and I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks so much,

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  3. KariS

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    Most states (have not checked them all) also require a contractor (building) to have a license. The state license board is a good place to start. You can check on the status of the license and other factors. The states contractors license board also records complaints and other issues (non-paying subs and suppliers).

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