Pilot Captures Footage of Suspected UFOs Over Pacific Ocean

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    Joshua Espinoza
    Fri, December 10, 2021, 10:10 PM

    UPDATED 12/11, 9:18 p.m. ET: Footage of a more recent alleged sighting has now started gaining traction, including via a TMZ story on Saturday. The footage in question captures a separate reported sighting of unidentified aerial phenomena, this time in the Chino Hills region of California.

    According to the report, the footage was shot on Dec. 9 and shows multiple unexplained light shapes moving in an erratic fashion. Per the woman responsible for the footage, the lights were first spotted by her grandson, who was taking out the trash at the time."
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    No serious person denies the existence of UFOs. And no serious person accepts that this in any way proves those UFOs are aliens. "UFO," as in "unidentified."
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  3. I do. I suggest you look at Isaac Arthur's youtube video's on the Fermi Paradox. When you consider the filters that must exist, the chances of intelligent life visting us start looking really small. Having said that, if I'm wrong - I'm wrong.
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    I expect this is why Rich immediately added, "And no serious person accepts that this in any way proves those UFOs are aliens."

    But it's never a bad time for an Isaac Arthur video. He's one of the most interesting guys on YouTube!
  5. Very true :)

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