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  1. phancom

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    Im considering returning to school (online) and I am interested in getting a BA in Philosophy. The problem is, I have a Associates from ITT Tech in Computer networks systems from 2004, and im having trouble finding schools that will accept transfer credit. I obviously dont want to start all over again and would like to transfer as many credits as possible. So far, TESC has said that they will not accept credit and Excelisor says they want me to apply first and then they will let me know, and Im waiting to hear back from Charter Oak. The University of London looks pretty intriguing, based on their curriculum but I cant find out how many credits will transfer to them and if they have a testing center in Pittsburgh, PA. It looks almost like their degrees dont have the standard 120 credit structure for a bachelors.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. SteveFoerster

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    The University of London is unlikely to award you transfer credit. Hopefully Charter Oak responds usefully.

  4. Ted Heiks

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  5. SteveFoerster

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    Tray again Ted, I see it fine. I have to hand it to AMU for offering a lot of programs that other for-profits don't.

  6. japhy4529

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    I think APU/AMU might be your best option. They are both NA and RA accredited.

    Good luck!

    - Tom
  7. phancom

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    I just found out that Charter oak will not accept credits. Does anyone know of any other programs available? Im concerned about the AMU/APU option, because I am not familar with either, and I am not in the military.
  8. CoachTurner

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    Not being familiar with AMU/APU shouldn't be a deciding issue since I'm sure there are 100s of fine colleges and universities in the US you've never heard of...

    AMU/APU doesn't require you be military in any way - they do however have a large military student population. That means they are accustomed to being very flexible and to receiving large transfer hour transcripts.

    for a clean url use

    they are nationally and regionally accredited which will be an advantage to transferring your ITT credit. As illogical as it may sound, regional accreditation (RA) is what you want it to have so that you can advance to graduate school later. ITT tech is not RA (they are ASICS) and therefor very many (if not most) RA colleges (such as your local state university or any of the Big Three) won't always transfer their hours.

    APUS also has the advantage over many others of price. The cost per credit hour undergrad is only $250.
  9. Ted Heiks

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    OK, it's working now. Not sure what was happening earlier. Thanks!
  10. phancom

    phancom New Member

    I didnt notice you were currently a student there. How has your experience been thus far? How does it compare to the other universities you attended?
  11. Kizmet

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    I know virtually nothing about ITT but it's a bit hard to believe that you've done any credits at ITT that might actually be relevant to a Bachelors degree in philosophy. Care to list your credits?
  12. SteveFoerster

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    Why not? I doubt any would apply to the major, but I could believe that all those credits would apply either as either general eds or electives. A major is usually only thirty or thirty-six credits anyway.

  13. phancom

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    Steve is correct. I went to school for a semester at a local university for a bachelors in business and most of the credits transferred as electives or gen ed. Except the ones required by the major.
  14. Kizmet

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    OK. Good luck!
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    What kind of classes are you thinking of transferring? I can't imagine that computer networks classes will satisfy very many philosophy requirements. Did ITT Tech require a bunch of general-ed classes that you want to transfer?
    Why won't TESC take the credits? If it's because they aren't philosophy major credits, then there's not much that you can (or should) do. You need to take the philosophy classes. If they are general-ed credits and ITT Tech isn't RA or something, that's tougher. If you've already studied that stuff, you might be able to review it and then take some CLEP exams or something, and get RA credit that way.
    The U. of London external philosophy BA is an entirely different animal. It doesn't use American credit hours and doesn't require general ed. breadth classes. (So whether or not they take your ITT Tech credits is moot.) They divide things up into "modules" that address various philosophical topics. I've seen some of their study materials and I thought that they were excellent. (I have a philosophy BA myself, from a different school.) By all accounts their exams are very thorough and this is a good and credible philosophy degree.

    On the other hand... the biggest drawback with it is that it's not a taught degree. It's just study materials that they send you and exams that you take. Big grueling essay exams, administered yearly, I understand. There's no teaching, it's 100% independent study. That's ok I guess, but it's definitely not optimal.

    But... here's something very cool.

    Pathways will provide you with low-cost user-friendly online tutorial support for the U. of London external philosophy BA. I'm told that they are very helpful and that their services are valuable. When it's combined with the Pathways support, the U. of London external philosophy BA becomes a very attractive thing.

    Check out the Pathways website. It provide an in-depth description of how the London philosophy BA works including an essay written by somebody who did it, descriptions of the modules, study tips and lots of interesting stuff. There's lots of philosophy content unrelated to the U. of London too (online papers, philosophy discussions, non-credit classes etc.) so follow the links and see what you find.
  16. phancom

    phancom New Member

    Whatever credits they will take really. When I went for the semester for the BSBA, they took a little over 70 credits out of the full 90 of my associates degree.

    Charter Oak wont take them because ITT isnt regionally accredited.

    I read about london not using teachers and strictly being self-taught which wouldnt be that big of a deal. The program itself looked pretty interesting and the cost was quite low as well (somewhere around $6000). I still dont quite understand how it works though. Would I have to take any other classes, similar to gen ed, or would it all be philosophy related? I cant seem to find out how long it would take to complete the degree either, or how many courses I could take at once. All I could find is that they say you can finish it in 3-8 years.
  17. sentinel

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    University of London External follows the European model of higher education which is largely research-based or in this case independent study. You have 2-8 years, depending on the programme, to complete the diploma or degree. To total cost depends on the pace at which you study. For example, if you have 12 courses and only study 2 course per year, then you will complete the degree in 6 years at a higher cost than had you finished in the minimum 3 year period. The exams are written once annually at locations around the globe. The only courses you have to take are those specified in the syllabus but you are encouraged to read as much outside material as possible though it is not strictly required.

    Hopefully, I will be accepted into the LL.B. degree programme this autumn.
  18. AGS

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    try University of Illinois

    try Universty of Illinois Online ..they have a philosophy program...
  19. phancom

    phancom New Member

    I checked them out a while ago. I wasnt impressed by their curriculum and im sure they wont take my credits.
  20. Myoptimism

    Myoptimism New Member

    Have you looked at the Philosophy, Politics and Economics degree from Eastern Oregon University?

    As far as transferring your credits, this is what they say. (and I believe they are using non-accredited to mean not regionally accredited)

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