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    I am looking for some help on an online program for a PHD in Organizational leadership. My criteria is that it be as affordable as the NCU DBA program as far as affordability and delivery and RA accreditation. I can manage a difference of 4k to 5k in tuition. However, the programs that I have seen are from Eastern University, CAPELA, U OF P. That is not an option for me. I am happy and satisfied with the DL format.

    Would someone recommend the DBA from NCU with an concentration in organizational leadership? Just a thought since that is the closest I can get in my search. Unless there is a program i missed whether private or public university.

    The reasons are as follows:
    I have been studying organizational leadership since my undergraduate work at BIOLA University, and I do love the big picture planning and strategy thinking and dealing with the human element of the organization. I am currently at Liberty university, M.A. MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP PROGRAM SCHEDULED TO COMPLETE FALL 2010.

    Any help and consideration is as always appreciated. Hope everyone is having an awesome year thus far. Again any thoughts or ideas and questions that can help me out.
    Warmest Regards,
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    hope this is useful...

    Hi Elias,
    I was doing a similar search and just threw this together. Its incomplete and last updaed in Jan 2009, but it may be helpful to you.. (in some cases the total costs are adjusted for any graduate credits they would have allowed me to transfer in)

    Good luck!

    Degree school web site tuition Hours Total Cost visits?
    PhD Capella University $4,335 24 classes, I can transfer in up 11, so I would onln need 13 classes question. $43,350
    EdD Grand Canyon University 739 / hr 51 $37,689
    EdD Indiana Wesleyan University 597 / hr 51 30447 20
    PhD Eastern University 720 credit 60 $43,200 3 days each semester
    EdD Argosy University 788 / hr 60 8 classes on campus
    PhD Northcentral University 525 / hr 51 $26,775
    EdD Nova Southeastern $745 / hr 66 $49,170
    PhD education focus Andrews University 849 / hr 90
    phd Antioch University 19.6K /yr $80,000 4 x a year
    PhD Fielding Graduate University $6565/Semester
    PhD Regent University 850 / hr 60
    PhD Saybrook Graduate School 8.8K semester 58
    DBA University of Phoenix 720 56 $40,320
    PhD Walden University 4280 / semester 132 $55,640
    The Union Institute
    EdD University of La Verne 20
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    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology also offers a web-based, 3-year cohort program PhD in Organizational Leadership.
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  5. Rich Douglas

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    If you're serious, don't let the price tag determine things. Remember, this degree will define you for the rest of your life. Get the right one from the right school.

    Student loans, when considered in human capital market terms, are a means by which workers borrow against future earnings. So go get one, and attend the right school.

    A cheap program isn't a bargain if it turns out badly. It just leaves a scar.
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    Glad the post was accommodating; The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is accredited by HLC-NCA and the APA.
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    As an employer who chooses to pay for some of my employees to pursue doctorates, I have actually begun supporting the Ed.D. in organizational leadership at NCU. It is practically focused, affordable and the dissertation process can focus on meaningful activities in our organization. Two of my employees have completed docs in other fields at NCU and we have found their skill development meaningful.
  8. Glad to hear the good report on NCU. Thanks for the post!
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    If you live in Southern California or if you can travel to Los Angeles twice a semester then Pepperdine has this Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership:
    Several fellow employees at my last company were taking this degree (and others were in a doctorate program at Capella (all tuition company paid).
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    Rich you are absolutely correct.
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    No, you define define your degree. I think a weak person is defined by the paper.
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    Well said something to consider on this quest.
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    I am interested in Ph.D. in organizational leadership. Which program is the best in your opinion:
    Regent University
    Chicago School of Professional Psychology
    University of La Verne
    Grand Canyon University
    or you suggest other program?

    please advise
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    I know this is an old post but this is for those who are interested in this degree.

    Johnson University offers a PhD in Leadership with three different emphasis. Completely online for $400 a unit ($24,000 base cost) @ 60 units.
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    knowledge in Organizational Leadership can be earned in the flexible scope of Global Leadership with emphasis in Organizational Development at Indiana Tech University, as well as Bellevue University's Human Capital Management. Check them out!

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