PhD non-clinical psychology -- where is best?

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    I already have a Master's and CAS and am looking to find an online school that will allow me to transfer some graduate credits towards a PhD in psychology. Ideally, I would like to focus on developmental, social/personality, research/assessment, or general psychology. I am not looking to pursue counseling or clinical psychology, so do not need to be licensed. What is recommended as a good institution? I have come across programs at Walden and Capella... are these all that are available?

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    Additional Online Psychology Programs:

    Institute of Transpersonal Psychology: PhD in Psychology
    Distance Learning Ph.D. Program in Psychology | Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

    Northcentral University: PhD in Psychology
    School of Behavioral and Health Sciences | Northcentral University

    University of the Rockies: PhD in Psychology
    University of the Rockies » Online Programs » Doctor of Psychology

    Grand Canyon University: PhD in Psychology, emphasis in industrial /organizational psychology
    Grand Canyon University: PhD in Psychology, emphasis in cognition and instruction
    Degree Programs | Private University Degree | Online University Degree | Grand Canyon University

    University of Phoenix: PhD in Industrial /Organizational Psychology
    Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial/Organizational Psychology - University of Phoenix

    University of Louisiana-Monroe: PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy with a non-clinical concentration in Creative Systemic Studies
    ULM's Gateway to Online Degrees (GOLD): Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy: Non-Clinical Concentration in Creative Systemic Studies

    Online /Blended Programs:

    Fielding Graduate University: PhD in Media Psychology (hybrid program)
    PhD Media Psychology, School of Psychology - Media Studies Social Media, Social Psychology

    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology offers the following online /blended (hybrid) doctorial degrees) with campuses in Chicago, Los Angeles /Orange Co. and Washington D.C.):

    PhD in International Psychology, Organizations & Systems concentration
    PhD in International Psychology, Trauma concentration
    PsyD in Business Psychology, Consulting Track
    PhD in Organizational Leadership
    Browse Online Programs | The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
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    What are you planning to do with it? If you want to teach in a university then your best bet is an APA accredited residential program. I believe Fielding was APA accredited (mixed residency and DL). Always keep in mind, that schools like NCU, Walden, UofP, are likely to not put you in the highly competitive category when you are competing against Generic State University's APA accredited graduate. I think (as best I can recall from years ago) that Fielding had a good reputation but is VERY expensive.

    If it for your own personal interest with no plans to teach in a RA University, then consider a nationally accredited program like California Southern University Online Education | Online Education Degree - California Southern University or CalCoast Welcome - California Coast University
    These programs are much less expensive. Plus actually CSU qualifies for licensure in California (I do not know rules on reciprocity but due to national accred, it will limit or eliminate practice outside California).

    Hopefully, an actual Psychologist could post in reply to your thread and give better guidance.
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    Saybrook and Argosy have non-clinical PhD programs in Psychology. Maybe not to your taste though. Pacifica Graduate Institute too. Also, depending on how you plan to use it, there are a little pile of programs offered by non-US schools, I'm thinking mostly Australian schools but also places in South Africa.

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