PhD in Psychology from Grand Canyon University (GCU)

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  1. DoctorPhD

    DoctorPhD New Member

    Thanks for the info on UNISA. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I meet the requirements because my master's is in a field unrelated to psychology.
  2. TJ Mason

    TJ Mason New Member

    Talking about Graduation Rates

    I read you comment about graduation rates and wanted to throw something out there to consider:
    In 2008 GCU had a 6-year graduation rate of 49% but fell to 41% in 2009. However, their online growth may be responsible for most of this.

    I compared GCU to Arizona State University using the 4-year graduation rates since they are both in Phoenix, AZ. I did this because in the online (part-time) environment, it is very difficult to finish a degree in four years, and so the 4-year rate would focus on the ground component of GCU.

    GCU's 4-year grad rate is 34%, compared with ASU's 29%. I used College Results Online to make this comparison since I trust their numbers more than the government's incomplete collection methods. I checked GCU against the other Arizona schools and found the same stats. GCU outperformed the Arizona state schools. I presume this means they have a more effective ground program. Since they are not a research university, teaching must be their focus.

    This small bit of data will be incorporated into my dissertation as I seek ways to positively impact college graduation rates for low SES and minority students (who are drawn to for-profits due to open enrollment).
  3. TJ Mason

    TJ Mason New Member

    Here is the data that I referenced in my reply. Please set the search parameters to 4-year graduation rates and see what I mentioned: College Results Online
  4. sinistersix

    sinistersix New Member

    Dont think my last post submitted, Ill try again. I understand they dont have a graduating class yet for the I/O PhD so they arent up for APA accreditation.

    Im still a little confused, If I get the PhD from here, will I be able to take a bridge class to eventually get a license if I decide to go that route in the future? Just want to make sure Im not limiting my options.
  5. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    Fielding has this option - Clinical Psychology Certificate, Psychology Program for Psychologists
  6. sinistersix

    sinistersix New Member

    OK perfect, so there ARE programs out there to where if I did want to get licensed, I could eventually do that. Just wanted to make sure my options arent limited if I go this I/O route.

    I love how they say accredited (on probation) hahah
  7. pfolman

    pfolman New Member

    correct, they don't but I think there is another accrediting body--forgot though.
  8. sinistersix

    sinistersix New Member

    Back to the original topic, I am going to go for this degree. Everyone I have talked to that is in the program enjoys it and I even reached out to the president to learn the 5-10year plan for the university, and she responded the same day. Everyone else I have reached out to via LinkedIn, from alumni committees to other professors who work there all seem legitimately vested in the future of GCU.
  9. DoctorPhD

    DoctorPhD New Member

    Two Great Updates

    Here are two great updates regarding Grand Canyon University:

    1. Two new specializations have been added to the general psychology PhD program: a) performance psychology; b) integrating technology, learning, and psychology (Doctoral Degrees | Admissions | Grand Canyon University)

    2. They will soon be a NCAA D1 school. They will transition from D2 to D1 status during the 2013-2014 academic year (GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY - GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY ACCEPTS INVITATION TO WESTERN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE).

    Looks like things are going well for them.
  10. DoctorPhD

    DoctorPhD New Member

  11. DoctorPhD

    DoctorPhD New Member

    Does anyone have any updates or new experiences with GCU?
  12. harryv401

    harryv401 New Member

    Hi All, I realize I am a bit behind here, but I will reply anyways. I considered GCU for a while. I think you really need to decide what your goals are. Obviously not to work clinically so lack of APA is not a bid deal. Do you want to hold an academic appt? I would talk to some dept chairs at local universities if you can grab their ear for a moment. I asked around and bit and each one told me they would not look twice at a cv with an online doctorate. Just something to consider.
  13. Tom729

    Tom729 New Member

    Does anyone know how many respecialization courses one would be required to take if they went that route?
  14. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    The exact courses would depend on your prior coursework/field experience. You have 4 years to complete the program, but you could do it in less if take on more internship hours.

    Respecialization in Clinical Psychology at William James College
  15. Tom729

    Tom729 New Member

    I am going to start going for the PhD in General Psychology but after 4 years when I complete the program, are you saying that the respecialization would take an additional 4 years?
  16. Garp

    Garp Well-Known Member

    Is there a reason why you would not enroll in Cal Southern's PsyD? Less expensive and qualifies for licensure in most states. Why spend more money and go an extended route to get to your goal?
  17. Tom729

    Tom729 New Member

    What is the complete name of the school? I am not too sure about the Psyche D because I have no pre-requisites.

    The Grand Canyon University is not terribly expensive it's only roughly 40k.
  18. ikibah

    ikibah Member

    it definitely does not qualify for licensure in most states...unfortunately.
  19. ikibah

    ikibah Member

    It definitely does not qualify for licensure in most states...unfortunately
  20. Garp

    Garp Well-Known Member

    As far as I know the opposite is true. There were only about 9 out of 50 states with an APA only requirement. California Southern University is Regionally Accredited. That and specific course requirements and internship are the requirements in most states.

    Now, not having APA may cut you out from VA and some of the more competitive positions.

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