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    Hello. A friend of mine wants to pursure a PhD in Emergency Management. Does anyone know of a program (or closely related) besides Capella University? Thanks.
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    You guys are great! It's a pretty exotic degree and yet you found some real leads for faero. Nice work.

    faero - are you willing to look at non-US degrees? If yes I think you'll find something in Australia.
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    Yes, these are great to pass along! Thanks everyone who has replied so far. Keep 'em coming!
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    I know someone who is doing this program on a part time basis while he is working, and he never mentioned the residency. They are geared to full time students however.
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    In that I have no personal experience with the Delaware program; my comment is based purely on the information provided in the website's Q&A section (e.g., the 1-year residency requirement).

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