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  1. INeedHelp

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    Silly question. When these programs are looking for a Master's degree, would an MBA count? Or does it have to be a Master's in Education?

    I wouldn't mind looking into a Ph.D or even Ed.D in Higher Education, but I would also like to find a similar way to do a DL doctorate for a Ph. D in Business, IT, etc that isn't from a for-profit institution (Capella, Univ. of Phoenix, etc.) If it's a Ph.D, I won't mind residencies during the summer, but that whole every month thing would be difficult depending on the school.
  2. mattbrent

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    It probably depends on the program, but when I was looking for programs, many simply stated that the applicant needed a masters. They didn't specify that it had to be in education.

  3. INeedHelp

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    Thanks Matt, that's what I was thinking too.

    This certainly gives me something to think about. Right now I'm looking at AACSB DBA programs. For my purposes, a DBA from AACSB would fit me well, (I get to be called Dr. and there are faculty positions that will take a DBA even in tenure-track, though I just want to adjunct teach while still keeping my day job, and then, when I retire, go into academia "full-time"...)

    What I like is that I'll have more choices within the coming 1.5 years (when I [am expected to] complete my AACSB MBA.) Prior to Fall 2013, NJIT didn't even have an online MBA, just the graduate certs. I did the graduate certs, anticipating that maybe I'd do their MBA face-to-face OR transfer the grad cert credits elsewhere. When NJIT had partnered with Embanet (Pearson) to offer an MBA online (a AACSB, to boot), I matriculated with no questions asked. Thanks to my grad cert (three As and one B+), I was able to get GMAT waived.

    Sorry, I haven't felt such excitement in a long time. LOL...I'll be halfway done with my MBA at the end of this this is when I want to start making moves.
  4. royabhi

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    Search for scholarship program run by many universities for PHD student . If you have good marks and qualified the entrance exam for scholarship i hope your problem would be solved.
  5. sirjamesm

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    Wyoming going up

    Just a heads up, University of Wyoming's PhD and Ed.D programs are increasing its non resident tuition over the next few years. They will go from about $290 a credit to $660 a credit by 2016 I believe.

    I was really interested in this program because of the name recognition, cost, and generous transfer (30 units out 77 was a good deal).
  6. SteveFoerster

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    Cumberlands's rate is $375 per credit, with 60 credits required for the EdD and 66 required for the PhD, and up to 18 credits accepted in transfer, comparable to Wyoming before the changes.
  7. sirjamesm

    sirjamesm New Member

    Will they take the credits from a Masters to transfer in or do they have to be post Masters?
  8. mattbrent

    mattbrent Active Member

    It's my understanding that they have to be post-masters. They did take credits from my MA, but only because I had earned an MS before it.

  9. Randy Kearns

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    University of St Augustine for Health Sciences awarded Regional Accreditation

    Just an update to an earlier conversation here, the University of St Augustine for Health Sciences has been granted regional accreditation by WASC. While not quite as inexpensive as Cumberland, the EdD is well done, will accept 9 hours of transfer and the costs is still very affordable when compared to most in the RA world. Just a word of caution, the EdD is heavily slanted to the world of health sciences and if that's your cup of tea, you are in the right place. If not, the challenge will be greater.
    University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences | Senior College and University Commission
  10. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    That should keep A.T. Still University on their toes then, since it sounds similar to their Doctor of Health Education program.
  11. sirjamesm

    sirjamesm New Member


    USC has an Ed.D in Organizational Change and Leadership that requires an annual immersion weekend but is otherwise all online.

    Doctor of Education (Ed.D) Program | USC Rossier Online

    The program is 60 units but cuts down to 43 if you have a Masters Degree.

    The program costs $71,909 with a Masters and $102,529 without
  12. Farmay

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    I have heard about this university before from my friends. And one of my friend is currently doing his studies from this university already.
  13. reggiefinleysr

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    Someone mentioned California Coast's Ed Programs in 2008. These programs are 100% online and a Doctorate in Education will run between 17 and 19K. Education | California Coast University They are nationally accreditated, not regionally yet, so make sure you check on the degree's value for certification, advancement, or positions at other Universities.
  14. jmcl

    jmcl New Member

    reggiefinleysr: I PM'd you. Thanks.
  15. mbutch

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  16. AlK11

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    I don't have any inside information, but I'm going to say no. They're doing just fine being NA.
  17. raji96

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    Thank you for the informative post.
  18. Stanislav

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    I have no specific information about that school (although I've been to St. Augustin, which is a nice tourist town in Florida), but was always fascinated with it. Largely DL, DEAC-accredited school specializing in Physical Therapy (offering Doctor of PT degree as its primary program). Apparently popular, successful and well-regarded, too. How do they do it?
  19. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    I ran into an ad for the University of New England (the one in Maine, not the one in Australia) and it seems they have a whole pile of online
    education degrees, including an EdD (it's one of the Leadership variety). I'm not sure if there's anything that distinguishes these programs from any others but it's a nice little school up in Maine. It's easy driving distance from one of my favorite beaches and while I know that an online student might never see it, they have a nice campus.
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