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  1. lowtrader

    lowtrader New Member

    I am looking for a PhD in Business & Management from UK Universities only however a very common problem I am encountering is that whether the programme is undertaken full time or part time, these require regular attendance in the first year / two years respectively.

    Since I work full-time, it wouldn't be easy for me to travel to the UK every week to attend evening lectures.

    Did anyone have / is anyone having a similar experience?

    Does anyone know of any UK Business Schools that offer PhD's with minimum attendance? It would not be a problem for me to travel every 6-8 weeks and spend 4-5 days in the UK .... but weekly would be problematic!!
  2. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Specifically a PhD, or would a DBA also potentially interest you?

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

  4. major56

    major56 Active Member

    If the DBA will work:

    Aston Business School (Aston University) offers an Executive DBA which requires two 1-week residencies. Too, Aston is triple accredited (AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS).
    The Aston DBA
  5. lowtrader

    lowtrader New Member

    Thanks for the feedback. Sent an enquiry to the University of Leicester :)

    .... regarding DBA ... I read on various websites that a lot of senior management work experience is required ... as opposed to a PhD which can be done with few or no work experience .... and I've only been working for 4 years in non people management positions so I don't think I'll qualify for any DBA programmes (not to mention that I'm working towards an MSc not an MBA) + fees are much higher ....

    salaries in my country are not that awesome and it would take me years to pay back € 40,000 :(
  6. Woho

    Woho New Member

    My suggestion is: First, develop a really decent research proposal. After that find faculty members that are interested in your research problem. My experience is, that Universities outside of the Oxbridge/LSE/LBS sphere can be quite flexible. Even if they explicitly state that they do not offer PhDs via distance, if you have a supporting supervisor things might easily getting overruled.
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  7. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    In case you haven't noticed, we have an entire forum dedicated to business degrees. This includes both PhDs and DBAs.
    Look here:

    Business and MBA degrees
  8. lowtrader

    lowtrader New Member

    My bad if it falls under this category, but I reasoned it would be more appropriately suited to DL :dead1:
  9. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    No problemo bro. Just pointing you toward the info you asked for.
  10. Syedadeel

    Syedadeel New Member

    check out University of Lancaster UK!
  11. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    If I recall well, Middlesex, London Metropolitan University and University of Sunderland do not require residencies but need to defend your dissertation on campus at the end. The PhD does not require coursework but just a thesis that you defend after several years of work. These Universities told me that residency was not a requirement but you would need to get an agreement with a supervisor that is willing to supervise at distance.

    The turn off is the price, be ready to spend at least 5,000 pounds per year during 6 years (close to 30,000 pounds or 50,000 USD). London Met and Sunderland are not top but Universities at the bottom of the scale but legit Universities.

    Any British school at least is ranked in international rankings so they are better choices than many of the DL PhDs around. However, programs are difficult so be ready to work hard for the degree.
  12. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    None of the three you mentioned, Middlesex, London Metropolitan University, or the University of Sunderland, is on the most recent Shanghai Ranking. They're legitimate, of course, but I don't see how they're better than earning a doctorate by distance from an American institution that is similarly legitimate but not prestigious.
  13. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    The chinese ranking is not exactly recognized.
    QS World University ranking is a recognized one:
    QS World University Rankings 2013 | Top Universities

    London met 651-700
    Middlesex 651-700

    Also, just google around and you will find lots of full time faculty around the world holding PhDs from the cited schools.
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  14. CalDog

    CalDog New Member

    It actually is. The Academic Ranking of World Universities (also known as the "Shanghai" or "Chinese" ranking) was the first system to rank universities on a worldwide basis, and it is officially used by the Chinese government as a benchmark for their own schools. Wikipedia puts it like this:

    While I wouldn't take any of these rankings too seriously, all three do yield consistent results with respect to the three schools in question:

    ARWU: none ranked (not in top 500)
    Times: none ranked (not in top 400)
    QE: London Met & Middlesex at 651-700, Sunderland not ranked (not in top 800)
  15. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    The problem with many rankings is that they stop at top 500. Being in the top 1000 is still very good considering that there are thousands of schools around the world.

    Webometrics ranks higher than 1000 even

    WORLD | Ranking Web of Universities

    London Met 1363
    Sunderland 1859
    Middlesex 922

    DL USA
    University of Phoenix 2882
    Nortcentral 7282
    Trident 10391

    I agree that London Met, Sunderland or Middlesex are far from being top schools but still in a different level as some of the American DL schools.
  16. Ian Anderson

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