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  1. Tom729

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    I had another question as I am new to the whole world of online programs. I have spoken with several schools and inquired about their online Ph.D or Ed.D programs in educational leadership. My goal is obviously to go into an administration capacity. I am a new york resident and I am concerned that some of these programs that I've expressed interest in do not have a licensing component attached with the Ph.D as I assumed that they would.

    I'm curious as to what advice people might have about this. Does anyone know of a distance program that includes licensure for New York?

  2. Kizmet

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    Sorry if I'm not understanding but in your first post you said you were teaching now, so you must have a license to teach. What other license are you seeking?
  3. Tom729

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    Yes I'm talking about a licensed administrator
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  5. Tom729

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    Hello to all. I just got accepted into the ed.D educational leadership program for The American College of Education. When I asked the question about having an administrators license, I was refering to the state that I am living in which is New York.

    As far as I know the Ed.D program does not entail licesure specific to New York. So my concern is completeing the program and trying to become an administrator in New York only to be told that I am deficient in someway.

    Does anyone who has knowledge of administration requirements for New york know that if this is indeed the case, could I just take the misc classes or make up whatever deficiences that I am missing after I complete the Ed.D.?

    Sorry if my question seems complicated. Please let me know if I can clarify in any way.
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    Licensure is a tricky thing for school districts and it varies from state to state. What are your goals? You mentioned administrator, but is this at the school level (principal) or district/central office level? Here is the licensing page for the State of New York:

    Principal Licensure/Certification

    You should probably contact someone in that office and see what the requirements are and if you even need a doctorate. If you have a masters, sometimes you can become licensed as a school level administrator, by taking a few courses and having a passing score on the required Praxis II exam for your state.
  7. Tom729

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    Yeah...I'm probably gonna have to do that. This Ed.D program through ACE that I am in is titled "Leadership" so it does not include licensure. I guess I'll just have to complete a non-degree license program once I complete the degree.
  8. mattbrent

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    Generally you need to complete a state approved program in administration. If you live in New York, you could obviously do a New York program. However, you might also be able to do a program in another state, if the program is state approved in that state. What happens is that you might have to apply for your license in that state, and then through reciprocity agreements, transfer the license back to New York.


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