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  1. Quinton Howitt

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    I am currently investigating the option of doing a Ph.D through Vision International University. However, as I am not from the USA, I do not know how good there accreditation and University truly are. I noticed on their website that they were accredited by the International Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities - but this doesn't help me much as I do not know who they are either. Furthermore, I notice that they are accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International. Again, I do not no whether this is good or bad news since I do not know them. Could somebody assist me on whether Vision is a reputable University to study through?
  2. IASCU (pronounced "I ask you"?) is an unrecognized accreditor established by the otherwise-unaccredited Newport University.

    I had never heard of Vision International University until today, so I can't comment further.
  3. blahetka

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    Their Internet presence started as Usually, a .com or a .org is a warning sign. However, it could be there was a at one point, and they needed to negotiate for the domain name. This is not unusual in the .com arena- I just do not know how commoon it is in the .edu arena (something tells me there is a lot less cybersquatting for .edu names than .com names).

    They make a point to brag they have authorization to grant degrees in California, South Dakota, and Florida. This is the first I've seen this type of authorization statement. So. Dakota was a place many schools went to for authorization to grant degrees because of their relaxed attitude.

    One thing I look at when it comes to schools that rely solely on religious accreditations is whether or not they offer secular degrees. This is not to say religious schools can't offer secular degrees, but the good ones in the US also have regional or a recognized national secular accreditation. This school plays very heavily on its religious affiliations, and offers liberal arts type programs, which is fine. However, it also offers a degree in Business (though they call it a Christian Business Management degree). I would expect to see a US based recognized accreditation.

    You do not say what degree(s) you are interested in pursuing. I am not knowledgable enough on the theological side to give an opinion of that side of the school. However, if you are looking at a business degree, you may want to consider other options. VIU does have very inexpensive tuition, however, there is a greater possibility of questions re: the degree if you use it to teach or practice in the business world.

    The above is not a statement or opinion on how reputable the school is. They may simply offer courses/degrees according to a religious belief system. I am simply saying for me, if you are looking at a business degree, there are likely better options.

    Post what you plan to study. That could provide members the information to provide better information.
  4. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member is the domain for Virginia International University, a relatively new university chartered in Virginia. If offers residential study leading to several certificates, a couple of bachelor's degrees, and an MBA. It is also introducing some new degree programs soon.

    The school is not yet accredited, but is preparing for application. As a start-up, there is very much to be done. Of course, there is no guarantee of outcome.

    I am an adjunct assistant professor at VIU, teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses.
  5. David Boyd

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    The School promotes the fact that they are accredited by a body not recognized by the USDOE. They also claim authorization to operate in California. If, in fact, they are approved in California the reference to the unrecognized accreditation would appear to be in violation of the California Education Code.

    It is also unlikely they meet the new South Dakota standards. They may be claiming religious exemptions in both California and South Dakota but this position would appear questionable based on their business programs.

    On the positive side, I noticed that Dr. Meadowlark Lemon is on their International Advisory Board. But sometimes good people agree to serve on Boards without knowing alot about the organization.

    David L. Boyd

  6. David Boyd

    David Boyd New Member

    Sorry Rich, I misread your post. I did not realize you were talking about a completely different school (Vision vs. Virgina).

    To make it clear, my previous post refers to Vision International University, not Virginia.

    David L. Boyd
  7. levicoff

    levicoff Guest

    Vision International University

    Vision is a degree mill. Always was, still is, always will be. (I first called them on it ten years ago, and nothing has changed.)
  8. David Boyd

    David Boyd New Member

    According to the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education website, Vision is in fact approved in California.

    However, according to the website, no PhD or business programs are covered by this approval. I would strongly suggest contacting the BPPVE at(916) 445-3427 and discussing the matters set forth in the previous posts before enrolling in any Vision program.

    The "Vision" seems a little out of focus.

    David L. Boyd
  9. Bill Highsmith

    Bill Highsmith New Member

  10. Gus Sainz

    Gus Sainz New Member

    Re: Vision International University

    I first ran across Vision International University a few years ago while researching a few issues concerning Newport University, as they were the only other institution besides Newport “accredited” by the IASCU. At the time, their Web site at had a minimal amount of information, and the only other Web site with any information was . Their accreditation statement (including a statement that they were affiliated with Newport University) was located at . These Web pages are still functional, probably due to the fact that a free Web host hosts them.

    It is interesting to note that IASCU, for the longest time was supposedly operating out of Antwerp, Belgium, but now claims to be located in Berlin, Germany. Moreover, a search for member institutions on their Web site (neatly organized by continents) doesn’t reveal any affiliated schools. My guess is that there still aren’t any other members, aside from Newport and Vision. The bottom line, however, is this: claiming accreditation by IASCU serves one, and only one, purpose—to deceive prospective students as to the accreditation and legitimacy of the school and the utility of the degrees. (For the record, Vision International University’s predecessors, such as Vision Christian College and Vision Bible College and Seminary, also claimed unrecognized accreditation—from the infamous Accrediting Commission International.)

    In addition to bogus accreditation, Vision International University also claims affiliation with The American Society of Christian Therapists and The American Association of Family Counselors. Both organizations are listed as credential mills in Chapter 13 of Name It and Frame It? New Opportunities in Adult Education and How to Avoid Being Ripped Off by 'Christian' Degree Mills (affectionately known as NIFI) by Steve Levicoff, Ph.D.. Moreover Vision International University predecessors Vision Christian College, Vision Christian University and Logos Bible College and Graduate School (founded by Vision International University president Stan E. DeKoven) are all specifically listed as degree mills in Chapter 12 of NIFI. (Although, of course, nothing beats hearing it straight from the author—thanks, Steve.)

    Vision International University now claims to be “one of the world's largest distance-education institutions with over 4,000 campus locations on six continents and in 112 nations.” What they neglect to say, of course, is that practically anyone can set up a “campus” and affiliate himself or herself with Vision. Conveniently, those who set up campuses, frequently end up being recipients of Vision degrees. The self-proclaimed mastermind of this Rube Goldberg-inspired educational franchise system is Dr. Stan E. DeKoven, president of Vision International University.

    In addition to a claiming a Bachelors degree in Psychology from San Diego State University and a M.A. in Counseling from Webster University, Stan E. DeKoven, also claims a D.Min. from the Evangelical Theological Seminary.

    Could this be the same Evangelical Theological Seminary that has since changed its name to Biblical Life College and Seminary, operates out of Dixon, MO, claims accreditation by American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions (not recognized by the U.S. Department of Education), and (under the name of Evangelical Theological Seminary) is also listed as a degree mill in Chapter 12 of NIFI? Moreover, Dr. DeKoven also claims a Ph.D. from the now defunct (and never accredited) Professional School of Psychological Studies, and is allegedly completing his second Ph.D. in Leadership from Berne University.

    Dr. DeKoven is also listed (sans any titles or academic credentials, except for being the president of Vision Christian College and Vision Christian Ministries) as ”Professor of several courses in the counseling field” on Christian Leadership University’s Faculty Members Web site. Not surprisingly, at one time, Christian Leadership University claimed accreditation from ACI (it now claims it from the World-Wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions) through its affiliation with Vision Bible College and Seminary, and is also listed as a degree mill in NIFI. Currently their Web site makes no mention of any affiliation with Vision.
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  11. blahetka

    blahetka New Member

    Ooops, my eyes did it to me again. The vew websight is indeed I combined lines.

    My comments were on Vision, not Virginia.

    I stand humbled and corrected.

    I still, though,m have difficulty with religious schools offering unaccredited biz degrees under the guise of religious freedom.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ACSI accredits elementary. middle and high schools. They are reputable in doing that and recognized in some states for that purpose. They recognize college level programs for providing continuing education courses for ACSI certified teachers or teacher certification programs.

    I do not think that they accredit colleges or universities and even if they did it would not be worth the same as recognized accreditation. Accreditation means recognized regional accreditor (#1 choice) or recognized national accreditors. Check the US Dept. of Ed web site for a list of recognized accreditors.

    What kind of Ph.D. are you looking for? Someone here may be able to make suggestions.


  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Perhaps Dr. Lemon is dribbling the accreditation ball around prospective students without them even knowing it. :D
  14. Quinton Howitt

    Quinton Howitt New Member

    There seems to be some fairly negative information about Vision International University. The Ph.D I was looking into was in the area of Theology. Thank you to all those who have taken the time to try and assist me thus far - keep them coming!
  15. shegunadediran

    shegunadediran New Member

    Hi Everybody,
    Just for your update.
    Vision International University of Florida (VIUF) Vision International University of Florida is now a fully state accredited university.
    Their accreditation is from the Florida Department of Education's Commission for Independent Education, (850) 245-3200, under Florida Statute 1005.06. But note that this is a not regional accreditation but a state one. This means that, it is a legal degree but transfer of credits from this institution to other regionally accredited and nationally accredited institutions is at the discretion of the receiving institution.
    All these being said, they offer good quality BSc, MSc, D.Min and PhD degrees in theology.
    Dr Shegun ADEDIRAN
    May 2012.

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