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  1. Vicky

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    I have completed my Academic Education in 2001 and even after that been doing different computer courses. But still I feel than I am not complete yet or there is something missing in my self. I am looking for some kind of personal development or personal motivation kind of course. If anyone know any kind of course please advise.

  2. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    Hi Vicky - Your question is so general that it's almost impossible to answer. Motivational seminars are everywhere (but you knew that). You are here at degreeinfo because you think that furthering your education is the way to go? That's true for me too.

    Motivation comes from doing something that feels good, feels right, feels like it's made for YOU. You have a degree in ?what? What is interesting? What makes you set your jaw and grind it out? What would make you stay up all night? What do you know the most/best? Answer these questions then go see my buds at zenhabits
  3. dlady

    dlady Active Member

    I had this same odd scratching in the back of my mind in 2003. I just felt that there were people who seemed to have access to info or something that I didn't. So I took the Advanced MBA online course at Tulane, liked it, and completed 4 of their courses. Then wanted a graduate certificate that had some credits behind it so I completed a 9 credit graduate cert w/Aspen. Liked it and completed an Aspen MBA. Liked it and finished a second Aspen Masters in Information Management. Liked it and took 4 history/humanities courses at APUS (AMU). Liked it and signed up for a DBA w/NCU. Once I finished the DBA I liked it and am now taking more humanities classes at AMU plus trying to get into the DLitt program at UNISA. Lord knows what I will do when I finish those.

    My point is that you are embarking on a addictive path, I envy you, good luck! I recommend a short program at a DETC school to get your feet wet, DETC schools tend to be a good mix of cost effective (if you find the right one, their costs are going up) and they have really honed the distance format. They are a great introduction and will inspire you to want more. Once you want more, find the right program and accreditation for you.

    And, interestingly, it wasn't until I completed the doctorate that the scratching in the back of my head stopped, but it has.
  4. cookderosa

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    And, interestingly, it wasn't until I completed the doctorate that the scratching in the back of my head stopped, but it has.>>

    Within that sentence is a great joke waiting to be let free....
  5. Vicky

    Vicky New Member

    Well I for as I know there are some peoples or website that offer you that if you come to them they will let you know what to do in future. Mean they will evaluate you and your strengths and will increase your level of confidence. so whatever you have studied in your life may be enough but may we don't know what is the right way how to apply that knowledge
  6. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    I feel that if you have to pay someone for advice you are probably getting conned. Try looking for relevant books in your local library on this topic.

    If you are looking for advice on education then this forum is a good place to ask questions.
  7. raristud

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    Hello Vicky. The following website has a listing of institutions that offer personal development courses.
  8. bazonkers

    bazonkers New Member

    It seems if you are still taking courses after the DBA (in humanities subjects), the scratching hasn't completely stopped!
  9. 03310151

    03310151 Active Member

    Try the library. Seriously. Why would you want to pay for a course and have someone arbitrarily tell that you learned something? Just go grab a book and read up on subjects that you enjoy.:p
  10. bazonkers

    bazonkers New Member

    Some people like structure. I found that on my own, I'm really lazy when it comes to self-study without the pressure of deadlines. I tend to do other random time wasting things. The classes force me to focus and learn.
  11. 03310151

    03310151 Active Member

    Ahhh, very good point.
  12. Henry White

    Henry White New Member

    What is it that YOU want to do with your life? What do YOU want to accomplish?

    Sidebar: for me, retirement wasn't what it's cracked up to be, and with the new Obamanomics we're all going to slaving away past normal retirement age anyhow, so you've got something like half a century, give or take, to leave your mark for posterity. So what's that going to be?
  13. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    That's awfully vague. It's hard to know what your complaint really is, let alone prescribe anything to cure it.

    Do you have any personal interests? Why not plunge more deeply into them? Read books and specialized magazines. Check bulletin boards and look for lectures and things. Visit your local museums (many offer classes). Investigate volunteer opportunities. Seek out special-interest groups doing cool things and get yourself involved. (Most of these groups love attracting new members.) If you aren't sure what interests you most, try different things.

    Go to Google and start doing some searches using search terms of interest to you. See what other people are up to. You should find something that perks you up and gets you excited.

    Are you in a haze about what kind of career you want to pursue? Maybe you should talk to a vocational counselor. I'm not sure whether a board like this is the best place to find a direction in life.

    If your discontent is more generalized and existential, then you might want to talk to a psychologist. Or try a clergyman in whatever tradition you feel affinity with. You might benefit from a religious practice.
  14. jaybee

    jaybee New Member

    Take a logic class. It's a great philosophy course and what you learn is applicable to so many other courses.

    Perhaps you feel this way because you haven't found something you are passionate about.
    Think about what you really love to do in your free time and find a way to expand your learning about that and perhaps find a new career.
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