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  1. Mark_R

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    As a newDirect TV customer I have stumbled across a PBS learning channel called "PBS You" (PBSU in my channel listing -- Direct TV channel 377).

    They air what appear to be college-level educational topics ranging from Macroeconomics to Molecular Biology. From a cursory inspection of their website ( www.pbs.org/pbsyou/ ) the televised courses appear to be numerous and consist of approximately 8 - 10 half-hour segments spread out over a roughly 4 week time frame.

    Perhaps a good source of study/review for those with access to the station. I am impressed with thier format and presentation.

    Excelsior BSCIS in 2001 (hopefully)
  2. Bruce

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    Several community & 4-year colleges in Massachusetts use these broadcasts as part of their "telecourses", the broadcasts are supplemented by residential classes every other week or so. It seems they have unusual course titles, such as "The Sociological Imagination" instead of General Sociology.

    I do agree, they would be great test preparation for CLEP and DANTES.

  3. H. Piper

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