Passed All Eight Microsoft Fundamentals Exams

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    I took advantage of the Microsoft Virtual Training Days and earned seven free vouchers for the fundamentals exams. Since there wasn't virtual training for Microsoft 365 Fundamentals, I went through the free student voucher process that requires you to use MeasureUp's practice tests.

    I attended the virtual trainings over a three-week period, but I passed the exams over a two-week period. To be honest, I didn't watch much of the virtual trainings because I had to work, and I kept getting interrupted by maintenance trying to figure out what was wrong with my A/C. I tried Microsoft's exam cram videos, but most of them were terrible. So, I mostly relied upon LinkedIn Learning's exam prep courses.

    Too bad I don't need a bachelor's degree because all of these certifications are ACE-recommended for college credits with some of them being evaluated as upper level. But, this whole process helped me to figure out that my strengths are in AI and cybersecurity.

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