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    Well, I know it is a DPhil but as a Doctor of Philosophy degree I am sure there will be folks abbreviate it as a Ph.D. (I know I would).

    This is the first TRACS school (has candidacy) to offer anything outside of DMin's (Liberty a side due to RA status). It will be interesting to see how this plays out over time (far too early now) in terms of acceptance in academia. The same could be said for DETC should it decide to accredited EdD's or DBA's.

    On a side note, I noticed that even among TRACS schools there is a tendency to require some residency. ACCS was one of the few to not. LRS is making all of it's programs (except bachelors) require residency. Along that lines, when the regional accreditors are recognizing that one need not have substantial research libraries in 2003, TRACS still requires schools to have resident programs and libraries in order to be accredited. The holdings must reach a certain point in order to achieve full accreditation. This may be a function of TRACS needing to establish credibility and therefore having to be more stringent *OR* is TRACS simply behind the times in terms of technology in 2003.


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    ACICS & Ph.D

    This is pure "Hearsay", but according to ACICS officials, ACICS already got consent from the DOE that it's member institutions can start to offer DBA/Ph.D in Business next calendar year. Currently, there are 7 ACICS schools working closely with the agency on the protocal issue.
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    What is the link to the Oxford DPhil, please, North?
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    Re: URL

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    Long Term Update:

    Oxford Graduate School (Dayton, TN) has achieved full accreditation through TRACS and continues going strong. I started there this September.

    The degree is still listed as a DPhil, but we were told that the school board of directors is considering a PhD as a student selected option.

    All courses require an on-campus residency. For the doctoral program, there are 6 "Core" weeks, two reading and research seminars (one week each at Oxford in UK and Library of Congress in DC), and a requirement for an additional 80 hours of reading and research at the school's library (which can be completed with extra days added to on-campus residency weeks). Students will need additional time on campus for dissertation proposal defense and dissertation defense.

    Average age of students is about 50. Average completion time for the doctorate is about 4 to 5 years.

    The program's mission:

    * To equip interdisciplinary Christian scholar practitioners
    * To sociologically integrate religion and society in order
    * To transform the family, church, and community worldwide.

    The academic focus is on research with respect to social issues.

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