Other schools that accept credit by examination?

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  1. ideafx

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    I'm only looking to test out of half my degree (about 60 credits). Besides TESC, Excelsior, and COSC, what online colleges accept up to 60 credits via CLEP and Dantes examinations?

    I would appreciate your input.
  2. cookderosa

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    In the regionally accredited category, I have never heard of any besides those 3.
    I think you wouldn't have much trouble finding 100+/- that would allow you to CLEP 30 credits. Some of the online schools might be more generous, in general, but I think the "no-limit" policy is limited to the big 3.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Troy University accepts 60 lower division credits. All the CLEP and DANTES are constituted as lower division credits.
  4. TCord1964

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    Athabasca University accepts quite a few credits. Some have said this school should be lumped in with the other schools and it should be called "The Big Four".

    Ashford University accepts up to 99 credits in transfer. Up to 75 credits can be from testing programs such as CLEP or DANTES.

    Bellevue University is pretty liberal about accepting transfer credit. Again, I'm not sure how much testing credit they will accept.
  5. Fortunato

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    The University of Wyoming has no limit of the number of credits that can be earned by examination, but they do not count towards the 30-hour residency requirement. Best of luck in your search!
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    Do you have any more details about the liberality of Athabasca University/


  8. TCord1964

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    I couldn't find anything on their web site in regards to how much transfer credit they will accept. Generally, if a course you have taken applies to the degree program at Athabasca, they will accept it. You can also "challenge" courses and demonstrate that you already have the knowledge that would be obtained in their courses; you can test out of courses, and they also have "prior learning assessment" which can gain you up to 30 credits. Athabasca also has a 3-year BA, but this could cause issues if you plan to use a 3-year BA in the US. Some graduate programs in the U.S. will not accept a 3-year BA solely as a means of entrance into the program and students must take additional foundation courses. Others will accept a 3-year BA.
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    Does anyone know which graduate schools U.S. or Canadian schools accept 3 year Bachelors Degree. Either Distance education or residential schools. In the fields of liberal Arts, business related or science/psychology.
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  11. ideafx

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    BTW, I assume that I can take the CLEP/Dantes exams before I apply for admissions to a school. If I'm not sure what school I want to attend, can I hold off on sending the test results until I know for sure?

    How exactly does that work? Does the testing facility keep your test scores for a certain number of years?
  12. Ian Anderson

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    I'm not sure if Antioch still offers on-line UG degrees but they will accept up to 90 quarter units (= 60 semester units).
    "Credits can be transferred from a variety of sources: another university or college; prior experiential learning; and examinations and other sources. Under certain circumstances, we also allow non-degree students to participate in our courses."
    Source: http://www.mcgregor.edu/us/articulation.html
  13. Ted Heiks

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    The University of Wyoming www.uwyo.edu online MBA website says that they will accept a 90-hour (3-year) bachelor's.
  14. AV8R

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  15. Maniac Craniac

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    University of Wyoming will accept 90 credits.

    Columbia College (Missouri) will accept 60.
  16. Orphan

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    Have you checked out the UExcel program (www.uexceltest.com)? It is cheaper than CLEP or DSST and can be taken any time of the year at thousands of locations around the world. The exams are just $85 and there are no additional fees tacked on. Instead of a score (have you ever tried to transfer in a CLEP or DSST score and get a college to turn it into actual credits... good luck!), with the UExcel exams you receive a letter grade and credits on an official transcript from Excelsior College. This is different from Excelsior College's ECE program, as it is lower-level courses like calculus, physics, college writing, Spanish, political science, psychology. Of course, Excelsior College will readily accept all of the UExcel credits. But if you want to transfer the credits to another school you can! The program is ACE CREDIT recommended so thousands of colleges will accept the UExcel exam credits.

    I hope this information is helpful.

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