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Discussion in 'The Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies' started by davidf, Aug 22, 2001.

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    It is also very old news. Nothing has changed since April. ODA requested information from Mexico in both English and Spanish. They got no response.

    If foreign degrees from recognized institutions are acceptable to Oregon authorities, then properly issued degrees from the CEU should pose no problem. What the ODA is trying to determine is whether or not degree programs run by MIGS will have that result. They have not been sucessful.

    Please review the copious number of threads on this subject.

    Rich Douglas
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    David, at the risk of been called a MIGS man, I am still going to point out a couple of helpful redirections here:

    *Monterrey Institute for Graduate Studies. ODA has been unable to confirm that this entity is operating legally in the United States or that it has actual authority from the Mexican government to issue degrees.
    --------- --------- --------
    MIGS has repeatedly said that they do not issue degrees, but are affiliated with CEU in Mexico, to facilitate and supervise degree work for CEU DL students in the US.CEU is legally constituted over there (Mexico) to issue degrees. Hence Oregon state enquiries to the Mexican Govt.should have been made about CEU & Not MIGS.

    (2) Oregon will not accept MIGS degrees until satisfactory evidence of its legal status in the U.S. and its degree-granting authority is obtained. We requested such evidence from the Mexican government in April 2001 and have had no response.
    ----------- ---------- ----------- ---

    A) MIGS does not issue Degrees hence Oregon State really has no Migs degree to accept or not accept.
    b) Mexican Government may not have a clue as to the existence of the migs entity, Migs involvement is with a Mexican University, and again the enquiries about MIGS legitimacy and validity should have gone to CEU, while enquiries about CEU itself should have gone to the MEXICAN Govt.
    3) Oregon state's Comment above would have had "real worth" if Mexican Govt.replied and condemn CEU as illegal. Or if CEU relied and deny any relationship with MIGS.

    Timmy Ade once again defending
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    Regardless of whether the degrees are issued in Mexico or Florida, out-of-state universities operating branches or units on Florida need to have Florida approval for those operations. MIGS appears to not have had those approvals when it began operating nor does it have them now. At the present time there is some question about whether MIGS is still operating in Florida, whether the Florida operation has been merged with the Mexico operation, or whether this is just a cosmetic change to evade Florida law.

    In his interview in the 'Chronicle of Higher Education', Mr. Contreras (the gentleman in charge of the Oregon ODA) discussed Berne University in St. Kitts. In those remarks, Mr. Contreras indicated that Oregon was not prepared to accept every foreign government approval as being equivalent to accreditation unless there was reason to believe that some process equivalent to accreditation had actually occurred.

    So if as you suggest the Mexican government is not acquainted with MIGS, but MIGS is offering the instruction, assessment and student support leading to the award of degrees (even if those degrees are technically issued by CEU), then there is doubt whether that constitutes 'accreditation' as interpreted in Oregon.
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    This is, um, generous. There is no reason to believe the MIGS/CEU situation has been altered even one little bit. MIGS is still owned by the same people, those people still operate from Florida, the MIGS office is still in Fort Lauderdale (where the phone and fax ring)), MIGS still has a contract with the CEU to operated these programs (as opposed to CEU owning MIGS), etc.

    Nothing has changed except switching the school's title throughout the web page. And Florida has not approved them to operate. Yet, they do.

    Rich Douglas

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