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    It's one of the higher education institution in Hong Kong, and used to be funded by the Government.

    In terms of price, they are not pricey, comparing with those in Hong Kong or even US in particular.

    For example, an MBA with OUHK can be completed around, USD 9,868.55, though not the cheapest in the world, probably one of the least expensive within Hong Kong. More prestigous institutions in Hong Kong, like The University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, or The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, have their MBA programmes almost three times expensive than that in OUHK.
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    The reason this doesn't get discussed much is related to the fact that they require you to be either
    1) a resident of Hong Kong or
    2) a citizen living abroad
    The last time I checked, testing was only administered on campus.
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    Yes, yes, I know I’m just a tad late in replying to this thread -- and, yes, for me five-and-a-half years *is* “just a tad late” -- but I have just discovered The Open University of Hong Kong and I thought I was worth further discussion. Good job DTechBA!

    I have *not* made any inquiries with OUHK as I have plenty to occupy myself with at the moment. Perhaps it is because of my lack of knowledge, but it seems to me that OUHK might be a valuable resource.

    On the plus side, they offer a wide range of “qualifications,” including (possibly) courses and qualifications in subjects not readably available by distance elsewhere. Their undergraduate prices are, at worst, competitive with those of the cheapest in the USA. [1] Their postgraduate degrees are even more financially attractive (if one finds a foreign DL degree attractive to begin with). They also do NOT seem to have a citizenship requirement. [2]

    Against them is their apparent requirement for a Hong Kong mailing address, the fact that many of their support services are only available in Hong Kong, and some of their offerings might require labs of some sort which would be tricky or impossible to complete by distance (though one might be able to substitute a similar course acquired elsewhere). Worst of all, it might NOT be possible to take an exam outside of Hong Kong, either because it can’t be arranged or because of their requirement that it be started within a half hour of the HK exam. [2]

    If anyone tries taking OUHK courses by extreme distance, I do hope you’ll share your experiences here. Even if I die before completing my undergraduate degree -- a possibility that becomes more likely with every passing day ;-) -- the information might help others.

    Richard Kanarek

    [1]: Their current (February 27, 2012) *approximate* cost per credit ranges between HK$810 (“Pre-foundation/Foundation”, US$104.45) - HK$1,325 (“Postgraduate”, US$170.86). Currency conversion was done by on the date indicated.
    I can find no indication anywhere that foreigners are charged differently.
    OUHK offers “Distance Learning,” “Face to Face” learning, and “eLearning” (yes, they distinguish between Distance Learning and eLearning. I assume that the above prices are for Distance Learning.
    [2] See The Open University of Hong Kong: Admission Information
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    Since Mr. Heiks’s eloquent and succinct “Bumpity” failed to provoke the torrent of useful information that, I’m sure, we both had hoped for, it once again it fell to me to do the exhausting sleuthing.

    No wonder I’m so unique: who else could possibly handle being me? ;-)

    The good news:
    One no longer needs a Hong Kong mailing address to be an OUHK student.
    From the OUHK admissions office (Tue, 10 Apr 2012 15:03:01 +0800):
    ”...course materials are normally to be collected in Hong Kong, but can be mailed to students living overseas at the students' cost.”

    The awful news:
    From the OUHK Examinations Office (Wed, 11 Apr 2012 10:21:45 +0800):
    “Students are normally expected to take examinations in Hong Kong. If overseas examination arrangements are to be made, it MUST be at time equivalent to the Hong Kong examination(s) or up to half an hour late. We regret that time deviation from above will not be allowed.”

    I checked one or two OUHK exam timetables -- a tiny sampling to be sure -- and a common exam starting time seemed to be 6:30 PM (yes, evening in HK). Exams for different courses were given on (a) different date(s), which included weekends. Clearly, arranging for proctoring in CONUS time zones would be extremely difficult.

    The following might also be useful or interesting:
    The Open University of Hong Kong: END-OF-COURSE EXAMINATION
    Overseas Examination
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    Thanks for the update. The bad news seems to eclipse the good news. No surprise there.
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    Thanks for the update. The bad news seems to eclipse the good news. No surprise there.


    I completed my LLM/PRC Business Laws at OUHK in 2011. 100% online & took ALL my exams outside H.K.

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