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  1. _T_

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    Good afternoon everyone,
    I'm looking for some insight into methods for delivering an online survey for academic research purposes. The only problem is that the survey is longer than 10 questions, so using something like Survey Monkey gets expensive quick. Has anyone used any other similar services with good results? I'm funding this myself, so cost is an issue...
    Thanks, in advance, for sharing your experiences.
  2. SteveFoerster

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  3. Rich Douglas

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  4. SurfDoctor

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    Is Survey Monkey suitable for academic purposes, or just for fun?
  5. _T_

    _T_ New Member

    I suppose you could use it for academic work, however, with the free account your survey is limited to only 10 questions. That rules it out for me.
  6. _T_

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    Thanks Rich, I"ll give that a try. Do you know how long the free trial is for? Also, any ideas on what the pricing schedule is like? The only way I can see to find out is to fill out a form and have someone call you...
  7. Rich Douglas

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    You should do that.
  8. Randell1234

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    I used it [SurveyMonkey] for my PhD research and I have the full subscription. If you want, I will post the survey for you and send you the results as you request them. I have unlimited questions, unlimited responses, and it puts the results into charts (which are not real useful), etc. Just let me know. PM me and I will help. If you still have my phone number, don't changed.
  9. Andy Borchers

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    I've used Survey Monkey with good results. Key point is to find someone to share costs with (perhaps get an academic department you're associated with to spring for it).

    Qualtrics is a quality, but expensive player.

    Another source I've seen in use is redcap:


    Regards - Andy

  10. rmm0484

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    I used obsurvey for my field study. Obsurvey It is pretty good for what it is. Free. Survey.

    I have also used, which is more robust, and it allows you to suspend when not in use. Basic cost is free for a trial, and 9.00 monthly for basic tools. I found the 39.00/month features to be quite robust. Survey Software - Online Survey Software - Web Survey Software
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    Yep, SurveyMonkey worked fine for me also. I paid the $20 per month for the pro version while the survey was up, then downloaded the data file and was able to do more advanced analysis on it. When I downgraded back to the free version, they told me they'd hang onto my data etc. and would fire it back up for me anytime I wanted to upgrade to Pro again. But since I have graduated... I''m probably done with it. The basic stats and cross-tabs worked well for me, and the graphs were of sufficient quality that I just pasted them into my thesis. Just remember to export your data - early and often! Enlightened paranoia sometimes avoids major data-loss heartbreak... :)

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