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  1. Kayla

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    Hi All!

    I'm looking for a school that offers online sciences courses like ones that would be for pre-med/pre-vet. These courses include general biology, general physics, general biochemistry, genetics, and whatever science electives. They don't all have to be at the same place but I would prefer it. I've had trouble finding a school that best fits me.

    Schools like ASU are nice but I've heard the curriculum can get pretty tough because it is super accelerated, plus it is a little expensive.

    I'm sort of lost as to what I would want a degree in but I do know I want to get prerequisites done for med/vet school just as an option. Thanks!
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  5. SteveFoerster

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    Not to be mean, but if you think online courses from ASU are too difficult or costly, then I have bad news for you about med school.
  6. LearningAddict

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  7. Kayla

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    Hi! I get where you are coming from, but I would also rather not spend a lot of money on undergraduate as it doesn't matter as much as actual med/vet school :) I don't personally think ASU is difficult, it is just the opinion I have heard from others. It doesn't seem like a super student-friendly environment. I've gone to three different colleges and haven't found one to connect with yet so I'm picky about my choice. Hopefully, that makes sense.
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  11. Kayla

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    Thank you for the advice. I've already been in contact with all of the schools I am interested in. They all accept online courses and online labs! Yay!
    As for straightliner itself, I saw them but was wondering if they are accredited/legitimate?
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  12. LearningAddict

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    They are legitimate. They are not accredited themselves but they have partnerships with a number of accredited schools. Their courses are ACE evaluated (ACE stands for American Council on Education). ACE credits are valid and accepted by most colleges and universities.
  13. SteveFoerster

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    That is extremely dangerous advice. If medical or veterinary schools have specific requirements for undergraduate courses taken, there's no guarantee at all they'll accept ACE-evaluated courses.
  14. LearningAddict

    LearningAddict Well-Known Member

    It's not "extremely dangerous advice" at all. I never said anything about a "guarantee", in fact in the post I made before that I said:

    So I think it's understood that she should check first to make sure they will be accepted just like she mentioned doing before.
  15. cookderosa

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    The *problem* with suggesting Straighterline is not in the acceptance of the credit at one of their partner schools and then med school, it is that there are NO GRADED CREDITS which will not count for medical school admissions. You need grades.
  16. LearningAddict

    LearningAddict Well-Known Member

    I'm sure that's true in almost all cases, still, as I said:

    There are medical schools that won't take online courses at all, graded or not.

    Straighterline provides online courses, so I think my telling her to check if the school will accept online courses would cover Straighterline, too...
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  17. Maxwell_Smart

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    We're getting awfully nitpicky and weird around here lately.

    For starters, nobody here knows what school she's going to, so let's not blanketly assume what the unknown school she's trying will or won't accept because no one knows that for sure in the first place. This should be treated the same way we've learned (or maybe some haven't learned) not to assume what schools will or won't take NA credits.

    As for no pre-med or medical school programs accepting Straighterline? Nope, that is false. There are foreign medical schools that will accept any *PASSING* coursework credited by any respected authorized educational entity in its home country (which ACE clearly qualifies as) for medical school as long as there are labs in the mix for lab-necessary courses (common requirement), and one which LA already posted (IUHS) will accept Straighterline courses simply because the credits are handled by ACE.

    There is also Long Island University which has taken Straighterline coursework for pre-med because of ACE, and some students have even had ACE credits accepted for med programs at other schools on the basis of their school being on the ACE list.

    For the hell of it, I'll even throw in Bastyr, a naturopathic medical school, which accepts Straighterline courses because they are credited by ACE.

    Lastly, I'm certain the OP has an IQ above 80 and can understand that if she was already told to check if online courses will be accepted--which LA properly advised, and the OP should absolutely take that advice and check first--that wouldn't somehow exclude Straighterline which obviously serves ONLINE COURSES.
  18. Kayla

    Kayla New Member

    I have checked with all the schools I’m planning on applying to a few months ago. Thank you and everyone else for helping me out, I really appreciate it!

  19. AsianStew

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    You might want to check out two other smaller universities: Life and Logan University
    I'm not sure which "medical or vet" profession you're into, I would suggest getting an undergrad degree in anything of your choice.
    Get that done first, you can try to incorporate your required pre-med classes into your undergraduate studies.

    1) Life University - or their other page
    Associates in Health & Wellness, Bachelors in Biology OR Psychology, online Pre-DC (Chiropractic) Pathway
    They're on the quarter system, you may want to get more info on their programs as well.
    They offer one of 3 online Masters Science in Positive Psychology in the US.

    2) Logan University -
    This school has multiple degrees as well, Online Bachelors in Human Biology is the only undergraduate online degree
    Masters in Health Infomatics, Nutrition & Human Performance, Sports & Science Rehabilitation
    Doctorate in Health Professions Education

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