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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by northernsand, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. northernsand

    northernsand New Member

    Hello --

    I'm seeking out online schools that teach Education courses.

    My graduate degree was in Education (with 20 credit hours) so that would naturally be the best fit for me to teach as an adjunct.

    (My full introduction is here.)

    Anyone have suggestions for schools that would be worth applying to for adjunct positions?


  2. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    With the possible exception of business courses, education courses might comprise the largest segment of distance learning courses offered across the USA. I suggest that you draw some concentric circles centered on your home and begin to check the local places first. The opportunities are too numerous to list.
  3. northernsand

    northernsand New Member

    Thanks for the response -- I did not know that my field was so popular! Good to hear, and it makes sense, because teachers need flexible opportunities to move forward.

    I'm seeking online-only schools at this point because my region is very dry for jobs, culture, etc. and I'm seeking to move before the end of summer.

    I'd love to hear from anyone who is currently an adjunct for Teacher Education courses and can give me some specific thoughts on the schools they work for, the schools which are the easiest point-of-entry for new adjuncts, the courses they teach, etc.

    Thank you!


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