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    I have read a number of posts looking for my own answer but unfortunately I didn't see any that addressed my particular situation.

    For professional licensing purposes I need to complete some college coursework but not a full AA or AS degree. The classes I need are:

    1 . English Composition;
    2 . Principles of Economics (micro or macro);
    3 . Finance;
    4 . Algebra, Geometry, or higher mathematics;
    5 . Statistics;
    6 . Computer Science; and
    7 . Business or Real Estate Law

    The reason for the question is that I have a specific time limit of about Sept 1st 2014 to complete the classes. Being that I am not currently enrolled I cannot begin at my local community college for a few months yet. My schedule will not allow me to take enough classes locally to meet my deadline. My intent is to get the higher math and English classes out of the way since they are both prerequisites for the remaining courses.

    Of course costs is a concern which is why I would prefer to take as many classes as possible at my local community college. I do have a friend who completed his BS at University of Phoenix so I am somewhat familiar with their format. I know U of P has a bad rap and is quite expensive but what they do offer is that I can get moving forward pretty fast and they are accredited.

    I read in a few posts references to the big 3 but since I do not know their systems I am unsure if they will fit with my needs.

    My questions are:

    1.) What online school that is accredited offers the ability to get started immediately or soon at least?

    2.) Do any of the non U of P online schools require assessment testing? I would hate to have to take a remedial course because of one missed question on a test. I am committed to getting this done and will spend the time and effort on each class to be successful. I understand assessment testing can keep someone from getting in over their head but I was a 3.8 grade point average high school student while taking college prep courses. It has been 20+ years but my own interests and profession have kept me fairly sharp.

    In a nutshell I am hoping to find an online university that I can start immediately, has reasonable costs, is accredited and doesn't require assessment testing.

    Any directions or suggestions you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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    You can cover most of your requirements using CLEP and DSST exams if that option will work for you. This may be an occasion where transferring CLEP and DSST credits plus other credits to the Excelsior College credit bank is appropriate.
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