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    In retort, why don't you read what I wrote a page or so ago and shut your mangina? I answered this once already and I have no idea why you're suddenly my forum groupie. I have an opinion and I don't need to justify that to you or anyone else. This opinion is not a dissertation and I've no obligation to defend it.

    It's the OPs responsibility to go looking at programs that are suggested to find out which one is right for him. No matter how much time I put into things or how many questions I ask on a message board I'm not going to know him well enough to know what's "best for the OP." ever.

    He or she asked a question, I gave an opinion. I stated it was an opinion. Nuff said.
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    Groupie? Hardly. I've been posting about online security programs for the past five years, well before you even joined the forum. Get your facts straight.

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    Nova Southeastern University programs in Computer and Information Sciences are very good. While I do not have any experience as a student, I've heard lots of very good things about the rigor and rich content of the courses that make up their programs. I read somewhere on degree info that it is the gold standard when it comes to online IT programs. In terms of cost, their master's tuition is currently set at $550 per credit hour and each master's course is 3 credit hours offered three terms every year. Their doctoral courses are 4 credit hours, offered two terms per year with on-site residences held at the beginning of each semester. Tuition for doctoral programs is set at $750 per credit hour. You can find out more by visiting the "Admissions" section. Another good IT program is the MS in Applied Information Technology offered by Towson University. Towson also offers a Doctor of Science degree that is not available online.
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    Thanks For the info cyber
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    Is Nova kind of like a University of Phoenix?
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    I guess that depends what you mean by "like a University of Phoenix?" ... I have never attended Nova and don't know that much about it, but unlike UoP it is not-for-profit (UoP is for-profit). It is not an online-only school (tho neither is UoP even though it's best known for its distance programs). The Wikipedia article about Nova includes some interesting details about the school:

    Nova Southeastern University - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    "As of 2008, it had the fourth most selective acceptance rate of any Florida university or college, after Florida International University, the University of Miami and the University of Florida." List of Florida universities by admission rates - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "Nova Southeastern University is considered the most diverse university in the country by the U.S. Department of Education."
    "NSU is ranked in the Washington Monthly rankings as the 157th best national university."
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    Applied to DSU..we shall see...
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    Just speaking from personal opinion having worked in government, Carnegie Mellon and Norwich's IA program have excellent name recognition. Your not going to have to do a lot of explaining about your program's rigor when you have these two on your resume.

    In Norwich's program your are likely to run into a lot of DoD, defense industry and intelligence professionals as your cohorts. For Carnegie Mellon's program you may meet professionals in all different sectors of business at the middle manager to executive level. Don't be surprised if a few people have MBAs in the program. You will have highly successful classmates in both programs. If you are applying for IA programs both of these schools should be on your list.

    Believe it or not cohorts make a difference, they really advance the level of discussion online and can make static information security concepts more dynamic and really come to life especially for very specific perspectives such as government, military or finance.

    If you really want a more technical background in computer security there are a lot of computer science masters programs with concentrations in security that you may be interested in.
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    Hi - Would you please list a few?
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    when did you apply? before the may 15th deadline?

    I am currently waiting for admission decision for DSc IS program since last October. I was told recently there would be no decision until end of the month. It has been a long wait.
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    It certainly has been a long wait; isn't it almost a year (I remember us talking about it a while ago). Well, if you are in the Maryland area, Towson University admits year round into their non-DL DSc in Information Technology (the program seems more technical or computer science -inclined that DSU's DSc In IS). The program requires on 75 credits above BS degree, or 18 credits plus dissertation assuming all prerequisites are met; ie, if one enters with a master degree. Worth checking out.
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    I'm gonna be starting in was the June 15th Deadline for msia
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    I mean norwich is like 30K versus 12K at DSU..Idk I think i'm gonna go with the end of the day I don't really think it matters.I just want a masters for my own benefit to complete my education.It's always something I wanted but I don't think having one from Norwich versus DSU makes a difference to me.Has anyone been through the DSU MSIA? The curriculum looks good to me. I just hope it's a good program..
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    I am impressed by the quality of information on this post. There are a lot of good resources here. I am sure I will visit this place again soon.
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    I agree with you friend.

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