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    I've done a graduate diploma in Math from the University of Southern Queensland and am looking for schools that offer an online Master's in math. I know there are several that offer statistics(which I may pursue), but are there any in math or applied math?
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    Thanks for the great advice. Would the most rigorous be the Columbia program? My friend did the Texas A and M program and said it was easy. I want the applied math but, I'm fearing that it might be a little much.
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    So you look at the delivery method, then you look at the length of the courses, then you look at the faculty, then you look at the employment success of the alumni, then, most importantly, you look at the cost. The fact that your friend said it was easy doesn't mean you'll have the same experience. Different aptitudes, diffeent teachers, you can't go 100% on others experiences.
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    Kizmet, How does one find the employment success of the alumni? I've tried to find these stats but I have not been successful.
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    Hi. I sent you a PM about the Texas A&M program. Thanks!
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    USQ used to have a Master of Science (Professional Mathematics/Statistics) program, which is discontinued. Did You talk with them about Your furher study options ? They still have statistics lecturers.
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    University of West Florida: online MS in Mathematical Sciences (Department of Mathematics and Statistics)
    UWF - Mathematics and Statistics - Fully Synchronous Online MS Program using Elluminate

    University of Houston: online MA in Mathematics
    Master of Arts in Mathematics (MAM)

    Nicholls State University: MS in Mathematics
    Nicholls State University - Division of Mathematics and Computer Science

    University of New England (AUS): Master of Scientific Studies (in Mathematics)
    Course Import - UNE - Course and Unit Catalogue 2012

    The Open University (UK): MSc in Mathematics
    Online Masters Math Degree at the Open University |
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    Thanks for the PM, I replied to that too. The brief answer is to simply contact the Alumni Relations department of the college that interests you.
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    USQ Graduate Diploma in Maths

    Hi There, I am think to study the USQ Graduate Diploma in Maths. Could you please share some information about the support and the course? Are they really good?

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    theronin, I have been researching the Texas A&M program so quite some time. I really wish that I could talk to someone that went through the program. Could you have your friend contact me???

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