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    Hi all,

    As many of you know, I am in the midst of the MS Applied Economics degree at University of North Dakota. I am searching for a highly-credible, online graduate certificate in financial engineering, portfolio management, or a related discipline to accompany the MSAE. Ultimately, I want to sit for the Chartered Financial Analyst exams (CFA) and maximize my demand in the marketplace.

    I have found several, but I'm getting a bit lost in all the options. If it helps, my area of interest is pattern recognition in the investment markets.

    Thanks for any input!
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    Golden Gate University has two certificates which might be good for you. They also have some great classes in Technical Analysis which might be exactly what you are looking for.

    This is their certificate in Financial Planning. It's a set curriculum of what you have to take:
    Graduate Certificates - Financial Planning - Academic Programs - Golden Gate University

    This is their certificate in Finance. Only one course is required, the others can be electives allowing you to pick from all the Technical Analysis courses:
    Graduate Certificate - Finance - Academic Programs - Golden Gate University

    Golden Gate University is a B&M school in San Francisco, CA founded in 1901. It's regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

    Here are the electives that might be interesting for you. Not sure what the rotation is for when they offer these online.
    FI 347 - Financial Engineering and Risk Management
    FI 352 - Technical Analysis of Securities
    FI 354 - Wyckoff Method I
    FI 355 - Wyckoff Method II
    FI 358 - Technical Market Analysis Strategies
    FI 360 - Behavioral Finance
    FI 498J - Wyckoff Method and The Elliott Wave Principle
    FI 498X - Wyckoff Method III

    and others Browsing - Golden Gate University
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    Thanks for the info! I think the ability to tailor the cert in finance is a very attractive option.
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    It is rediculously expensive, but you may want to check out Columbia University's graduate certificate in financial management.

    Unlike other programs, this one grants actual graduate credit, AND you can apply it toward a Master's degree from Columbia in a related field.
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    I don't have any firsthand knowledge of the program, but Stevens Institute of Technology offers a grad cert in Financial Engineering online. It is a solid school, so I think it would be your credibility requirement.

    Financial Engineering Graduate Certificate | Courses | Stevens WebCampus
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