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    Came accross this community via a websearch.

    I began in online legal education in 1995, making me somewhat of an experienced online educator (learned through numeorus mistakes). In 1998 I began the first online LLM degree at an American Bar Association law school.

    My Master and PhD programs cover seven fields within international tax and financial services, such as wealth management and bankruptcy.

    Besides being Associate Dean for distance learning programs at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, I co-author six legal treatises for the big 3 legal publishers of Lexis, West, and Wolters Kluwer.

    I maintain a blog of original research on a variety of subjects at
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    Hi - Please tell us where your Masters and Doctoral degree were earned.
  3. William Byrnes

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    my Education (in response)


    Fellowship (three year rigorous directed research and course work supervised by distinguished Netherlands international tax professors)

    Academic Institution: International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation/ Universiteit van Amsterdam Faculteit der Rechtgeleerdheid

    Dissertation Promoters: Prof. Emeritus Joop van Hoorn (UvA) and Prof. Willem Kuiper (IBFD)

    Final Dissertation: Developments in Transfer Pricing: The New OECD Draft Report & The New United States Treasury Regulations Section 482.

    Course Work Supervisors: Prof. Hubert Hamaekers (Maastricht) and Prof. Willem Kuiper / Elisabeth Hans, Director, Amsterdam Law Faculty

    The IBFD is the premier and largest research institution in the field of taxation, partnering with academic institutions and their professorial faculty to offer the opportunity for academics to undertake guided research similar to a U.S. J.S.D. program. The IBFD is funded by the Dutch government, tuition and training fees, and publication fees from its periodicals and doctoral series. The IBFD has operated on a not-for-profit basis since 1938, when it was set up by the founders of the International Fiscal Association (IFA). The current IBFD Academic Council consists of:

    Joanna Wheeler, Chair (IBFD, Visiting Fellow, Queen Mary College, University of London and Senior Visiting Fellow, University of Cambridge);
    Prof. Hugh Ault (Boston College School of Law);
    Prof. Huub Bierlaagh (IBFD and Sorbonne University, Paris);
    Prof. Kees van Raad (University of Leiden);
    Prof. María Teresa Soler Roch (University of Alicante); and
    Prof. Wim Wijnen (IBFD and LUISS University, Rome).

    By example, the Visiting Research Scholar Program is designed in particular to attract academics to the IBFD, for instance during a period of sabbatical leave, to undertake substantial research at the IBFD's premises and contribute to and stimulate academic discussion within the IBFD. The sole criterion for admission to this program is the quality of the proposed research.

    LL.M. (Master of Laws)

    College or University: Universiteit van Amsterdam
    Europa Institute/ASIR; Faculteit der Rechtgeleerdheid
    Type of Degree: Master of Laws
    Major: European Business (Taxation)

    Honor: Jessup International Moot Court Team (1992-93) representing Principality of Monaco
    Criteria: appointment by University of Monaco
    Issue: Third State Shareholder Rights During and After Expropriation
    Honor: Debate Team, European Law Student Association, University Of Amsterdam (1993-94)
    Criteria: board election
    Debates: The Sovereign Versus The Republican Form of Government;
    The Common Law Jury of Citizens Versus The Civilian Judicial Panel- A Reflection on Rodney King

    Law Degree

    College or University: Loyola University School of Law
    Type of Degree: Juris Doctorate
    Major: Civil Law

    Award: Gillis Long Poverty Law Center Award (1992)
    Criteria: Director of Gillis Long Poverty Law Center chooses student recipient based on pro-bono public service; Abstract Bookshop & Cafe-Last Hope Recovery Center for forty dual diagnosis residents; 501(C)(3) public and government supported institution

    Honor: Vice President, Student Bar Association (1991-92)
    Criteria: Student election

    University Degree

    College or University: Tulane University Murphy Institute of Political Economics
    Type of Degree: Bachelor of Arts

    Major: Political Economics- Law Track
    Thesis: Game Theory and the Prisoner’s Dilemma: New Approaches; promoter Professor Jonathan Riley.

    Award: full tuition scholarship, State of Louisiana
    Criteria: legislator selected

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