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    Hello. I am new to the group. My name is Nicole. I am a current Ph.D. student at Walden. I made a HUGE mistake because, like many others, I am not able to progress in my program- I can't get my prospectus approved after 12 months of work. At this point, I am out of loan money to keep paying for this degree and I am frankly quite pissed that I have not been given more support and feedback to help me get where I needed to be before spending 61,000 dollars!

    At any rate, I am here needing to figure out my best course of action. I am a teacher by trade so I was thinking of moving into an EdD program with a capstone because I am not sure I want to continue w the dissertation process at another school. I am gun shy and completely disgusted, and now not sure if I can even hang w a dissertation since I can't even get my prospectus approved despite being a strong writer.

    I looked into South Africa and Dublin thanks to posts I read here (thank you guys for those!!), but I am nervous a Ph.D. from an overseas school will not be well received here in the states.

    I have looked into the University of Southern Mississippi but they won't allow me to start classes until Dec. 2020- a full year from now! I really did not want to take off the next year.

    I looked into Liberty- but I am nervous a degree from them will not hold weight in the field of education.

    I looked into ACE because they have an ABD program- but I am not sure I can even complete a dissertation at this point! Heck, I can't get past the darn prospectus!

    Can you guys please suggest an online EdD program (I am fine w residencies) where there is a capstone project from a school that will be taken seriously? Is Liberty my only option and if so, is a degree from there generally well-received?

    I appreciate any and all help for this Ph.D. drop out!

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    Thanks so much for the reply! Yes, I have accepted the fact that 15 hours is about all I can transfer in unless I enter into an ABD program, which will require a dissertation. USM is willing to take 15 hours, leaving me with 39 to go and its a capstone. I could pay less (370 per credit) and just take the classes than I would pay at Walden- plus, Lord only knows how much longer Walden will string me along with their "processes". Another words- it is probably cheaper and faster for me to just start over and take the hit of losing credits.

    I did look at this link, but the only EdD they offer is in Urban Leadership and I am in a town w a population 832- total opposite of Urban LOL. Sure wish their SPED program was not a PhD.
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    I don't think Liberty would be any less received than Walden. If you went to Walden, I don't see why going to Liberty would be an issue. Unless you are concerned about its conservative Christian reputation.
  5. Nicole Letchworth

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    Well, I did not realize Walden had such a bad reputation until I started having issues w them. A friend of mine was teaching there and raved about the supports available (which I have seen NONE) for dissertation students, so I joined w out doing much homework in that regard. My mistake! Now, I am wiser and am asking more of the right questions.
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    I'm pursuing my Ph.D. in Criminal Justice at Liberty. I have taken two electives from the School of Education and will be taking the final one in the spring. Let me know if I can provide you with any insights.
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    Chris talk to me about the workload. I have a friend who was enrolled at Liberty for 1 semester and then quit. She said there is NO way a working mom (which I am) could attend classes successfully, work, and be a mom. She said the amount of reading is super intense and she was typing up some major assignments each week (in one week she said she had a 15 page lit review and a 7 page theoretical framework). I am not looking for a free ride- and I am pretty sure given that I have 70 hours of doctoral credits I can handle it BUT I also do not want to set myself up for failure if the workload is really not doable. She said there is no way you can work full time and attend taking more than 1 class. Your thoughts?
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    Too bad your friend couldn't keep up with the workload. I am in two Liberty doctoral Facebook groups (1 specific to CJ and one for all disciplines). There are over 380 students in the general group. Most of them are working moms and dads (FT faculty, adjunct, administrators, teachers, criminal justice professionals, business leaders, etc). We all find time to get the work done. It all comes down to planning and time management.

    Here's the link ( to doctoral dissertations and projects that have been completed at Liberty, hundreds of which were completed in 2019. The Ed.D. is Liberty's most popular doctoral program.

    I don't know if your friend was taking two courses in a single sub-term (8 weeks) which may explain why she had two papers due in one week. I am yet to see that in any of my criminal justice or education courses. However, I do take two courses most sub-terms, so I have had more than one paper due in the same week. I recently completed "Teaching the College Student," which had a three-part project. Two parts required 9-12 pages and due in separate weeks. The other part was a PowerPoint presentation with a presenter's script. There were discussion posts in between and other papers, e.g. Syllabus Critique, Student Support Services paper, and a Journal Article Critique. I took this course with my qualitative research course. So, one week I had a 9-12 paper and a 5-page paper due.

    Liberty has the course guides listed on its website. You can find four listed on this page:

    The others are listed here, but you will need a login. I believe they allow guest accounts.

    You can get an idea of the 8-week layout of the courses. Hope this helps!
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    Wow, Chris you have given me SO much information to look at. I want to thank you for your time in sending this to me! I will read over this all right now!

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    Hi Nicole,

    Will WaldenU at least award you the EdS with all the credits you have taken?
  11. Nicole Letchworth

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    Nope, I was told there is not one....they are such jerks!
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    Nicole Letchworth New Member

    My degree is PhD in Higher Ed Leadership & Mgmt
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    I think Liberty has some great tuition breaks for veterans/spouses and members of Civil Air Patrol.
    CAP loves teachers because they have an Aerospace education
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    As an aside, I didn't know ACE had ABD completion programs. #TIL

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