Online Ed.D. that is cheaper than Liberty?

Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by damooster, May 8, 2016.

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    I have been accepted into the Liberty University Ed.S. program. Because I receive the military tuition discount, I added it all up and noticed that I can enroll in the Ed.D. program and still spend only $16,000. The only problem is that I would have to travel to Liberty 4 different times, which is difficult because I live and teach in Hanoi, Vietnam.

    I've searched tirelessly for another option. The only other consideration is CMU because it is cheap and it doesn't require any visits to the school. However, I'm not fond of the program (Doctorate of Technology). I prefer to do something related to curriculum and/or teaching.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. damooster

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    I considered ACE, but I don't know if the degree would give me the opportunity to teach at the university level. I want to leave that door open if I decide to go that route in the future.
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    Online Doctorate in Education - University of the Cumberlands

    $23k ~ not sure if you get any military discount.

    says it can be done 100% online.
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    That's true, but you have to be online to be in class in the evening East North America time, and that can be difficult for those who live in Asia and work during the day.
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    Couple others worth checking out:

    University of West Georgia (EdD School Improvement)- $306/credit, 2 US visits needed
    Fort Hays State University (EdS)- $272/credit
    Arkansas State University $270/credit
    New Mexico State University (PhD Curriculum and Instruction)- $275/credit + 3 US visits
    Delta State University $334/credit
    University of South Africa (EdD)- very inexpensive
    University of Bath (UK) (EdD)- Comes out to about $20,000, requires 1 UK visit
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  8. Rich Douglas

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    NO distance learning degree will do this. Or ANY one will.

    ACE is low-cost, regionally accredited, and an expert in delivering distance programs. It has several EdD options as well.

    There is no reason to believe it is any more or less effective in getting you “the opportunity to teach” than is any other DL program from an RA school.
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    South college is $6,000 per 6 month term, $5000 with veteran discount.

    It is competency based and has a desertion.

    Pretty sure many could do all the classes in a year, then the desertion , well how well do you write?

    3 terms $15k for a vet, 4 and $20k

    I would not attempt unless confidence in ability to accelerate in a competency type program, because if more than 4 terms it gets too expensive, while RA it is still a for profit and has college in name
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    Meh, I know tenure assistant prof at a Canadian University that has a BDA from the swiss thing. Mind you she did degree there before it was looked at better by wes
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    Gee. An anecdote. One that cannot (as told) be verified. Also, inexact and with a significant typo.

    I stand corrected!
  12. Dustin

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    BDA = Bachelor of Didn't 'appen
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    You can be such a predictably unpleasant poster at times.

    Name is Lori Buchart and she taught at Mount Royal.

    I will leave it to you to research the veracity as you have already strongly allued that I am a liar(which is often a projection of personal values and behaviors in my experience, have even seen some studies that back that observation up). Given that without doing your own research, you would not be inclined to believe anything I post.

    Be well.
  14. Alpine

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    Aloof perhaps but I don’t believe he is calling you a “liar.” Anecdotes are at the “evidence level” of listening to stories which are important additions to the commentary but simply don’t hold as much weight. Keep them coming!
  15. Rich Douglas

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    I did not. I pointed out the lack of utility of your weak anecdote.
    Considering I never "allued" (sic) that you are a liar, it would seem you're the one engaging in projection.
    I haven't got the faintest clue who "you" are, so I would not draw such a conclusion.

    Please note that you started this with a very rude "meh" and continued from there. Don't expect to post what you did and not receive a response. You engage in drawing and stating assessments, but I shall refrain from doing so.

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