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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by Melhemjs, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. Melhemjs

    Melhemjs New Member

    Hi All

    I would like to know from your experiences if there is any Phd in business fields (Organisational leadership , management, marketing ..) that can be done online/distance learning with few residencies.

    Shall i have a ready research proposal or it will be built with the supervisor after enrolment ?

    i want a degree that can will help me to join the academic career.

    Appreciate your help

  2. Stanislav

    Stanislav Well-Known Member

    There are a few people active on this forum enrolled in distance doctoral programs, and I believe at least one graduate who works in academia. Let's see if they chime in.
    Did you read through this subforum? There were several topics on business doctorates, fairly recently. Find these. Also, share a bit more about your goals, so you might get better advice.
  3. Phdtobe

    Phdtobe Well-Known Member KNU the parent university is well regarded. Esteemed members of DI have questioned the usefulness of its online version to non-residents. But please judge for yourself.
  4. Stanislav

    Stanislav Well-Known Member

    KNU is a big hometown rival of my alma mater and supposedly #1 school in the country. However, this was me who questioned the online outfit, chiefly because it seemed contrary to how things are done back home. Besides, it admits outright KNOU degrees are not the same as KNU degrees; there's really no such thing as "second rate" diplomas in Ukraine, it's either government-approved or not. I can see usefulness of nonstandard diplomas in few cases (eg., I'm not sure UCU's Master's in Ecumenism is strictly official; it used NOT to be). Not in this weird franchise situation.

    Heriot Watt University. I see nothing damn wrong with that program, except if you absolutely need AACSB accreditation. In which case, Grenoble Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) | Grenoble Ecole de Management . For price-conscious, University of Southern Africa. For price conscious bent on US RA, California Southern OR, perhaps, U. Cumberlands. There are actually quite a few options.
  5. Melhemjs

    Melhemjs New Member

    Thank you

    But can you advise if a DBA can qualify me to join academic career ? Or it preferably be a Phd ?
    What about Concordia university Chicago ? Monarch business school ?
    Are the well perceived ?
  6. Stanislav

    Stanislav Well-Known Member

    I would stay away from Monarch, because it's authorization back home is unclear. Besides, it's an online school, and academic profession en masse tends not to like those.
    I haven't heard about Concordia University Chicago before. Purely by perception, it's a normal nonprofit school and should not be a disadvantage. Rule of diminishing prestige: generally you teach at a school lower in ratings than your doctoral institution. CU's rankings are middling, but in an on-demand field you should be able to get into teaching with degree from there. I would rank it above CalSouthern and other accredited online schools and approximately on par with University of Cumberlands. Maybe higher depending on region.
    Remember that your job search success does not solely depend on your degree. On this, I defer to people who actually got an academic employment. You also might want to share a bit more about your goals. Whjat is your current background and experience? What kind of job are you looking for?

    And, oh yeah, PhD vs. DBA distinction is not the most important. Where you got it, your experience, your publications, networking matter more. DBA is an academic doctorate, so it'll tick that checkbox.
  7. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Another timely warning from Stanislav. Monarch is a private school, legally authorized by the Canton of Zug. We've gone over this a bunch of times - the degrees of Swiss Cantonal Schools are 100% "legal" i.e. the school may legally award them as it sees fit. However, they do not have the standing of Swiss Federation degrees.* None of Monarch's memberships, etc. appear to constitute an equivalent to institutional accreditation -anywhere.

    On the subject of memberships, Monarch's programs are not accredited by ACBSP. The school is simply a member; you pay your dues and you're a member. Monarch has not applied for ACBSP accreditation. They could apply, if they wanted to; the school meets The ACBSP sniff-test for foreign schools: "sufficient degree-granting authority in its own country." In these cases, "legal" = "sufficient", I guess. It would, I think, take up to two years for a decision. I know of no country where schools accept these Cantonally-authorized degrees on par with those of their own mainstream universities. Good luck getting an RA equivalency from a NACES member evaluator in North America. Some employers might be willing to look at applicants holding them, but I'd say chances of academic employment are remote around here.

    I'm not saying Monarch is a mill -- or even a bad school. I don't think it's either. You might have a very good learning experience - and you might find a good job afterwards - I don't know. However, a degree "meeting ISO standards" will not likely allow Melhemjs to do what he wants - work in academia.


    * It's pretty well impossible to get Swiss Federation approval - i.e. what the mainstream Swiss universities have - for a distance school. The requirements include buildings, at least 100 highly-qualified full-time professors, library holdings etc. etc. That's why there is a high number of Cantonally-approved (no academic oversight) schools in that country. Some cantons are tighter / looser than others and the schools range from degree mill quality to very good indeed - e.g. IMD Business School, which has "triple crown" programmatic accreditation - AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. I think Monarch would be somewhere in the top half of these schools - maybe even the top 25%. But an academic career here, with this type of degree? Your call...
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  8. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    I checked the dungeons. We have an old thread on Monarch that mentioned its collaboration and dual-degree programs with Azteca U. Mexico, in 2011.

    Some of this is still alive, it appears. I see Azteca still has an entry on Monarch's collaboration page - but no mention of dual degrees, as in the past.

    Academic Collaborations - Monarch Business School Switzerland

  9. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    MelhemJS might want to investigate Universidad Central de Nicaragua. They instruct in English. We have threads on the school and Doctorates are reasonably-priced, last I heard. Knowledgeable posters on-ground in Nicaragua have vouched for the school and we've heard from at least one member who's had good reception of his UCN doctorate in the US. Just a thought...

  10. Stanislav

    Stanislav Well-Known Member

    From what I remember UCN is accredited, and it should be possible to get positive evaluation. However, it is a bit too... obscure? mysterious? for a normal academic search committee to stomach. Should work well for adjuncting, and at smaller schools it will check the box - if you have a connection that'll help you get an interview, or the specialty is in demand and gets few applicants.

    Melhemjs did not provide his budget - that could help narrow things down a bit. Since he's looking at CU Chicago, he should be able to afford lower-cost RA degrees and reasonable foreign ones - for a rough budget of $30K.
  11. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    There are many respected UK schools which might warrant consideration. I believe quite a few fit the price-range.

    Online PhDs in Bus. Adm. :
    88 Online PhDs. :
    Manchester: PhD Business and Management (2018 entry) | The University of Manchester
    Salford: Online Doctorate in Salford Business School | Salford Business School | University of Salford, Manchester

    Lots out there... what about (your) Northumbria, Stanislav?

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  12. Stanislav

    Stanislav Well-Known Member

    They have a distance DBA; not sure about the price range.
  13. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    It's £8,300 per year for overseas students. If it can be done in ~3 years ... and you're right. South African degrees are good - and cost far less.

  14. Melhemjs

    Melhemjs New Member

    Thanks Johan and Stanislav

    Am working as a sales manager for gulf area in a pharmaceutical company.
    As stanislav said , a budget of 30k
    I hold a Bsc in pharmacy and MBA from Maastricht school of management

    I reviewed leicester and they require a research proposal, while others univ , you will develop the research proposal with the supervisor once registered

    Salford is a good option , i contacted them and they have online Phd

    Any info about Salford accreditation? They have alot of accreditations except AABSP and ACBSP

    ANY INFO ?

    Thanks guys
  15. Stanislav

    Stanislav Well-Known Member

    Heriot Watt is cheaper.

    South African degrees can be a great option. However, I'm not sure they'll be as well received as, say, British ones by real search committees. On this forum, we know that many South African schools are more than on par. But we also like Union and distance learning in general. For fun, go to the Chronicle forum and see for yourself what they say about those. Walden and Capella are straight out "mills" in their book.
  16. Phdtobe

    Phdtobe Well-Known Member

  17. Stanislav

    Stanislav Well-Known Member

    A solid option, Phdtobe. Extra points for linking to Cyrillic page :).

    I'm curious: what would people think about a degree like this? It's Bulgarian, which is, at least, in EU - albeit a newer and more obscure member (I believe they are second-last by GDP per capita - right before Romania. Or maybe dead last and Romania is second). How would it compare with South Africa? To me, a few SA (public, Association of Commonwealth Universities members) schools appear more impressive than this one - but how would you perceive it?
  18. Phdtobe

    Phdtobe Well-Known Member

    Personally, I am an education globalist. I am very proud of anyone who has been able to reach the highest honor in his / her respective country. An American or British education is highly sorted, but not everyone has access. As a hiring manager, I pay less attention to the Country and more attention to the institution. Almost all nation is proud of their accredited institutions.
  19. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Your faith shall be rewarded, Stanislav. In 2016, they were the only two EU countries with individual GDP under $10K US. Romania was second-last at $9,474.13 and Bulgaria dead last, at $7,350.80. Not bad for 1958, I suppose, but for 2016...

    I'm in no way against VUZF - but I see no sign that the school instructs in English - and I have not a word of Bulgarian. I could learn, I suppose, but I lack the ambition to learn it well enough to study at the Doctoral Level. Man, that would take years... At 75, I don't think I could sustain the required energy for those "prep." years, even if eventual Doctoral tuition were free. Some other languages - maybe. But for me, Bulgarian will likely remain a mystery.

    Бог да се смили!

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  20. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Don't get me wrong. If I were a hiring manager (God forbid!) I would hire someone with a VUZF degree in a flash, providing he/she were otherwise suitable. It's just that I don't have years to spend acquiring a grasp of Bulgarian sufficient to enrol there. Certainly seems a valid choice for someone with the necessary language skills. From my wine-drinking days, though (long past) I remember Bulgaria as an unfailing source of decent, dirt-cheap reds... :smile:


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