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    The survival and enrollment part is true. I'm looking more at the issue of how word of mouth may have affected employment decisions and perceptions. I like to point to all the lying and fake degrees on LinkedIn as a way to ease my mind on what people might be going through, but I still know even that is not enough. Things are better now with this matter than it was 10-15 years ago when the NA/RA thing was like a war declaration and a thread like this one would've turned into a brawl, but "NA Rage" happened because there was/is still plenty of nonsense popping up.
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    I am enrolled in the summer session at VUL for their DHA program starting May 4, 2021. After careful consideration, I chose this university over Franklin University and Touro University Worldwide. Since this will be my last time seeking a degree, I do not need to concern myself with RA vs NA. The length of the program, cost, and history of the university helped with my decision.
    If anyone has started this program or will be for the summer, please feel free to say hello. I live in Las Vegas, NV so anyone else on the west coast starting this program would be nice to hear from.

    Best wishes everyone!
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    Good luck to you! If you don't mind posting occasional updates about your experience, that would be really neat and well appreciated!
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    Just an update:
    The program is okay so far it’s challenging but manageable with a full time job if you don't have any other focuses. I work a standard 9-5 job but I have no kids so I put the rest of my time into this program. I do my school work at night and on weekends typically. Sometimes there is a lot of assigned readings but you will manage. Your semester starts with two classes which is one 8 week class and one 15 week class. When you finish the first 8 week class, the second one starts. In total you will take 3 classes a semester (12 credits). I would advise anyone looking to enroll to study APA and business style writing as it is a major key to passing... Be ready to read some weeks I had four different packets of reading each 25 pages or more.
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    Thank you so much for your update. I was hoping for a challenge, and this appears to be just that. My MBA used APA style writing for all of our assignments. This is the one area that I have a lot of experience in (yeah). I will be posting on here as my course progresses.
    Best of luck to you. Stay motivated!
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    Welcome to VUL. I'm also part of the second cohort and in the midst of my first semester in the DHA program. Thus far as Futuredegree has mentioned the workload is manageable. I try to power thru the reading mid-week so that I can spend weekends responding to discussion board writing as well as the assignments themselves. Also do note there is a weekly Zoom meeting every Saturday which alternates between the two courses. The meetings are mandatory but if you can't attend you are asked to watch recording and then submit a synopsis. Honestly I enjoy the meetings as it puts a face on the Instructors and your classmates. Our cohort is broken into three groups and I believe the groups were mostly put together by time zone. I'm on the West Coast (Orange County, CA) so my weekly meeting time has been at 11am PST. Still trying to gain an understanding of the practicum courses you'll be taking in your third semester as I was told those details are still evolving. One of the professors mentioned during a Zoom meeting that students will be encourage produce output that can be submitted to a peer review journal. So no thesis but the expectation is still to produce something can be published (more to come).
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    Wow! Thank you so much for the information that you provided. The zoom meeting is not a problem since I work Monday to Friday (Las Vegas, NV here). I did discussion board assignments when I was working on my MBA with AIU. I always found the discussion to be a useful tool for offering and receiving information from fellow students.
    I figured that the there would be some sort of project - capstone, group project, individual project, dissertation, or something that has to be published. This actually makes me more excited about the program.
    Best of luck to you. I will be posting on here once my classes start on May 4. Please feel free to let us know how your studies are progressing.

    Thank you,

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    I had some questions in my inbox I will like to share the answers I gave as they may help others:

    -How do the explain the final 3 practicums at the end of the program?
    No one has made it to the 3 final practicums yet. I am registered in the second cohort (we call ourselves the spring 2021 cohort). I guess we will find out this semester for the people who enrolled in their first cohort (Fall 2020 cohort)

    -What is they cap they allow if you want to use Financial Aid fort the program?
    Its $5000 per semester but they run trimesters which is Spring, Summer, Fall (tuition could be raising soon). Financial aid cap depends on your income Fafsa application should tell you what you qualify for. Just remember this program is all loans.

    -How do they evaluate if you’ve met the externship requirement?
    The externship requirement is measured by the amount of graduate credits you have. You are required to have 90 credits beyond a bachelors , you are required to have a masters degree to apply for the program. Your masters degree credits will be applied towards the 90 graduate credits. If you are short credits after taking all the courses you will have to do externships to get the additional credits typically 24 extra credits. For me I have three masters degrees with a total of 63 graduate credits so if I add the 66 graduate credits plus the 36 from this program I met the requirement of 90 graduate credits beyond a bachelors degree. (I have a total of 102 when I'm done, my degrees are criminal justice, urban affairs, and public administration). The Dean said I met the requirement and wouldn't have to worry about the externships. The externships are more so for people who do not have the required credits so they will work in the field and I am sure will submit a field experience or field study every few weeks for credit. I am not sure you should contact the school for that one.

    -How big is your cohort? What is the interaction like with the other students/professor?
    My cohort was about 100 people total. I am sure we lost a few from my cohort. They break the cohort into 3 sections (A,B,C) and those are your classmates you interact with. I am not sure if next semester they will mix us up again and change our sections. We interact in a Facebook group we created , through zoom meetings for class on Saturdays, and through required discussion board posts. If you need to get in contact with professor directly you can email , text, or call them. They typically respond fast. We only really talk to them on Saturdays for one hour as a whole class (your section). This program is self-learning as it is a Doctorate Program. They expect you to have mastered healthcare administration or business already.

    Hope this helps anyone who had these same questions.
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    Good Morning.

    I start on May 4, 2021. When can I expect to find out how to access all materials pertaining to the DHA course?
    Online Library
    Discussion Board
    Weekly ZOOM meetings
    And all other information that would be needed to get started on the right foot.

    Thank you!
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    Virginia University of Lynchburg (VUL) is a member of the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) 15935 Forest Road, Forest VA 24551; Telephone: (434) 525-9539; e-mail: [email protected], having been awarded Reaffirmation 1 of its Accredited Status as a Category IV institution by the TRACS Accreditation Commission on November 8, 2010. This status is in force through June 30, 2021. TRACS is recognized by the United States Department of Education (ED), the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), and the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE).

    The status of the Category IV is good through June 30, 2021. Does anyone know what this means? What happens after June 30, 2021?

    Thank you!
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    No school is accredited indefinitely. In the case of VUL, they are more than likely going through a re-accreditation evaluation process currently.
  12. Courcelles

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    A 10 year reaffirming of accreditation is fairly normal. I would t be concerned about this, every school gets they accreditation reaffirmed on a cycle, though the exact frequency may vary by accreditation agency.
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    Thank you Courcelles and chrisjm18 for your response. I figured that there was a good reason for the accreditation lasting through June 20, 2021.

    I appreciate you both answering my question.

    Take care, Ken
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    I don't think there is anything to concerned with the accreditation process as the DHA if anything has made the university's financial health better.

    As far as course materials just keep an eye on your email as you should receive information about your school email account and portal login at least 3 weeks prior to your start date (I started in January and got my info in early December).
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    You will get your materials for the DHA course a few days before the class starts, 2-3 days before the course started I received mine. There will be an email on how to access all the material and where to buy the course articles.
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    Ken, I created an account here and I see your questions were already answered. I keep an eye on the VUL support group on Facebook and look forward to the program. I also noticed this discussion board was mentioned often, I would speculate it boosted some much-needed business for the school. I hope you and I are in the same cohort.
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    -TRACS Accredited.
    -Professors are doctoral degree holders, very cordial and respectful. Many have numerous publications and taught at other universities.
    -Students come from wide variety of backgrounds. Many hold two masters degrees, doctoral degrees, some physicians, nurses, ministers, business owners, lawyers, etc.
    -Classes divided into Cohorts.
    -Weekly live zoom conferences every Saturday required for class attendance. If unable, some professors allow viewing of recorded session.
    -Lots of reading and writing with case studies that have a global perspective on healthcare administration.
    -Uses Harvard Business Review and requires purchase of materials via online access.
    -University has online library.
    -Uses Moodle platform for online class.
    -Need to have 90 graduate credits to obtain doctoral degree with 36 offered in program. Most students enter with multiple graduate degrees but possible opportunities to earn more graduate credits within program??
    -Final Research practicum project involves qualitative paper that needs to be submitted for publication.
    -No on campus requirements. Graduation is currently once a year for all students, undergraduate, graduate, with commencement in August.
    -Overall rigorous program that can be completed in 12 months full time for those who hold pre-requisites. 2 masters or doctorate, or 1 masters and graduate credit.
    -Student demographics includes students from around the world as well as ministers, healthcare professionals, and medical related business owners. Historically, black Christian college with diverse group of students from many religions and ethnicities as well as military veterans.
    I've been very impressed with the professors and fellow students. The personalized attention I've receive at this school is second to none! The school is committed to my success.
    Hope this was helpful.
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    I spoke with both Dr. Gupta and Dr. Hammond about my concerns and every one of them was addressed: No pressure in applying, other than when the next cohort starts in May.

    What is your experience with the cohort? This does sound like a University of Phoneix type of experience (my undergrad was from UOP) and let's just say some team members did more than others to pass a class for team assignments.
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    I've developed friendships with members of the cohort that will last for life! So far, the cohorts have not required group assignments but there was a hint of smaller cohort groups in the final semester that work together for the practicum stage. This school is a perfect fit for me. It definitely requires numerous hours of studying and writing each week. The focus is on executive leadership in healthcare administration with the development of strategic skills. I hope you enjoy the program but don't expect it to be an easy journey! It requires scholarly work, critical thinking and hours of hard work each day! Best of luck!
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    I would like to thank everyone that took time out of their busy schedules to post detailed information about the DHA program. I will be posting my experiences on here after my classes start on May 4. Looking forward to making connections with people as we all progress through the program.

    Good luck to everyone! Ken
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