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    Not to be rude, but I really don't understand the question.
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    Elsewhere on this forum there's been a lot of discussion lately of a set of ultra low cost Master's degree programs from a school in Spain called ENEB that are validated by Universidad Isabel I, which is a recognized university there. A few early adopters have completed one or more of these programs and had generally positive (if varying) results from foreign credential evaluators.

    So I asked the question, because if someone interested in this program is a few credits shy of being eligible, this may be an extremely cost effective way of fulfilling that requirement.
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    Okay, it's not a question. You are recommending ENEB, a foreign school that presumably offers low cost "accredited" graduate degrees that can subsequently be evaluated in the US and used towards acceptance to a US graduate school. I guess that's one way to skin a cat. Hopefully your suggestion is an accredited pathway with assurances of credit transfer and acceptance. One certainly needs to do their due diligence with this piece of advice!

    I personally am very hesitant specifically recommending unproven pathways like this. It's easy to waste other people's time and money and if it doesn't work it will come back to haunt you!
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  4. Stanislav

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    One can presumably ask the school in question whether this will be accepted. In the event of failure, the student is out $260 for degrees that at the very least worth undergraduate credit. I'm out more money for my year in Northumbria's LLB program that I'm unlikely to pick up again (and have no regrets BTW).

    PS: I too immediately thought about ENEB as a potential source of credit, if the extra 24 credits requirement is as check-in-the-box as it seems.

    However: here's an accredited pathway: VESi classes for teachers. These can be transcribed as graduate credit, by RA schools.
  5. copper

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    Or you can just do what Virginia University of Lynchburg says and complete a 60 credit doctoral program! The tuition for the program is quoted at $15K and it doesn't say the extra 24 Internship credits costs more! Finally, the transcript would now show 60 credits with an internship. Sounds better to me than screwing around with an unknown!
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  6. SteveFoerster

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    Don't put words in my mouth. I simply asked whether that might be an interesting possibility. At this point, I still think that making ironclad decisions about ENEB is premature, pending more reports from those who have completed one of their programs and had them evaluated by a variety of evaluators.
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    By "capped" they appear to mean if you start and stay on to graduation with the same cohort, because: "If a student defers to a later cohort, tuition rates for the semesters attended later will apply. Tuition is expected to increase about 8% per year." -
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  8. copper

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    Fine, but it still says "Degree tuition capped" the key word being Degree. So if it goes up 8% next year the price for the degree would be capped at $16,200 for the later cohort. Of course someone can always call them and clarify.
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  9. copper

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    Okay I get it. There is a cheap University that offers graduate credits that may hypothetically be transferrable towards the 90 graduate credit requirement. I see now you are being helpful for people looking for potentially cheap credits. Thanks for clarifying and good thought!
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    Interesting when I called back in August to inquire about the nature of the practicums this was not a requirement back then as I also inquired about transfer credits. However, I should be fine as well with 2 masters, graduate certificates as well as some doctoral credits. Looking forward to starting in January.
  11. felderga

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  12. chrisjm18

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    I noticed that when Cal U launched its D.CJ. program in 2017, it had no dissertation/capstone requirement. However, they've revised their curriculum to include a 6-hour doctoral research project. Any doctorate (excluding first professional) without a dissertation or a capstone project is not a real doctorate. IMO, it's nothing but a post-master's certificate/degree (kind like an Ed.S).

    Someone posted on another forum about wanting to earn a Ph.D. but didn't want to do a dissertation, so they might pursue an Ed.D. The following is a response by one of the members:

    "Why do people want to cut corners just for a title? University professors at R1s tenure track are expected to conduct original research, engage in quality teaching, and serve the academy and its University.

    With engaging in a dissertation process the first two requirement will be virtually impossible.

    Just do the work.

    EdD and PhD degrees are vastly different not just in courses but orientation of research, methodologies, and in uses of data. One uses data analytics to improve practices. One advances the discipline through theoretical testing, etc."
  13. copper

    copper Active Member

    Why didn't you say that when you started this whole thread? A lot of people have started application processes and enrollments and now you decide to say it's not a "real" doctoral degree. That's beyond irresponsible!

    Caution readers DegreeInfo is obviously a source of misinformation with astounding irresponsibility to the online learning community!
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  14. chrisjm18

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    How's it irresponsible? People are supposed to do their research. At no point did I encourage anyone to pursue the degree. I merely shared it and noted that had it been a DBA, I would pursue it because I am already pursuing a research doctorate. Regardless of what I think about the degree, some people will still pursue it. Heck, some people believe all sorts of things about Liberty, but none has deterred my pursuit. Hence, I am free to share my opinion about VUL's DHA, whether you or anyone else thinks it's irresponsible.
  15. copper

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    What evidence do you have VUL's DHA is not a "real" doctorate?
  16. chrisjm18

    chrisjm18 Well-Known Member

    Reread my post. I clearly said IMO (in my opinion). Hence, the evidence isn't needed. I wasn't necessarily stating whqt everyone will accept a fact. Clearly, their accreditor thought the degree was sufficient to be considered q doctorate. However, my understanding of a research doctorate or a professional doctorate (not first-professional) is it must contain a doctoral quality culminating project. The U.S. Department of Education publishes a document that outlines degrees that are equivalent in scope and recognition to the Ph.D. Going by the definition, VUL's DHA would not meet that definition.

    "The research doctorate, or the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and its equivalent titles, represents the highest academic qualification in the U.S. education system. While the structure of U.S. doctoral programs is more formal and complex than in some other systems, it is important to note that the research doctorate is not awarded for the preliminary advanced study that leads to doctoral candidacy, but rather for successfully completing and defending the independent research presented in the form of the doctoral dissertation (thesis)."

    Further context and degree list:
  17. copper

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    A more "responsible" approach would be to say that VUL is an accredited institution that offers legitimate degrees but in my opinion, any doctorate without a dissertation or capstone project lacks the rigor I'm looking for in a doctoral program. Saying "not a real doctorate" is irresponsible! You used the IMO after the statement and gave some kind of equivalent evaluation which you are entitled to your opinion which of course, lacks evidence. The VUL DHA is obviously not a "research doctorate" so what is it?
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  18. chrisjm18

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    I said what I said.
  19. Futuredegree

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    From my understanding when I spoke with someone over at VUL, they explained that the practicum are like research courses. You will be using prior case studies and research to do papers. You will be building on to research already done. I do not think VUL no dissertation / capstone project is not a bad thing. Some schools are moving towards this direction. If we look at Eastern Virginia Medical School's Doctor of Health Science , they got no dissertation or capstone research project. They have amazing accreditation and they are a known medical school. We can even take it further and look at Arizona State University's Doctor of Behavioral Health (Management) which just has an "applied project". I believe that if a person wants to get a degree they should just go for it and not worry about what others think if its a "real doctorate". Every program is different and at the end of the day it could open doors for some people. The healthcare field is growing and VUL Healthcare Administration doctorate could help put you a step up from others with combined experience.
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  20. copper

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    I've looked up some definitions and the DHA is mentioned as a "terminal degree" in health administration. I did notice that the definition of a "professional practice doctorate" doesn't require a dissertation but leads to licensure. The only license I know in health administration is the Health Facility Administrator with States requiring an internship and national board certification from:

    Perhaps this degree would make an excellent pathway to Health Facility Administration as well as other numerous opportunities in healthcare? I still think it is a "good find" and thank ChrisJm for posting it.
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