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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Dr. Gina, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. Dr. Gina

    Dr. Gina New Member

    Does anyone know where I can find an online course in Jazz history (or CLEP/Dantes Test)? My husband is interested in studing this area and obtaining credit towards a possible degree.

  2. Ron Dotson

    Ron Dotson New Member

    I actually took this course at Fort Hays State but it might not be precisely what you are looking for:

    "MUS 391* CA Jazz

    An introduction to various components of jazz,
    such as style periods, musicians, and composi-
    tions, for those with an interest but no previous
    knowledge in this field. A very important aspect
    of the course is listening to examples. These are
    intended to enhance the students' listening
    ability and make them better consumers of all
    kinds of music."

    Sample syllabus attached.
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  3. Bruce

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  4. Dr. Gina

    Dr. Gina New Member

    Thanks guys! And I have been well Bruce, I have been busy working on my dissertation and Teaching. Now that i finally have a break, I am able to do the things that I am used to!

  5. CoachTurner

    CoachTurner Member

    Harvard Extension is doing MUSI E-139 A History of Blues in America online in the Spring. Related to jazz and a great school to take courses from.

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